Program Giving Children Hospitalized Long-Term "A Room of Their Own" Launches at MedStar Georgetown | MedStar Health

Program Giving Children Hospitalized Long-Term "A Room of Their Own" Launches at MedStar Georgetown

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Washington, D.C., – Decorative pillows, plush bed blankets, colorful throw covers, fun wall decals, picture frames, string lights and colorful message boards are not the typical décor you think of when you envision the hospital room of a very sick child who needs extended care away from home.

Thanks to “A Room of Your Own,” just launched by Dormify and Hope for Henry Foundation, the sickest children at MedStar Georgetown have the chance to decorate their rooms with items to bring a sense of home to ease the difficult transition from home to hospital.

One of the program’s first recipients, 12 year old Michael Rubio was thrilled to receive his new blanket, pillow, wall stickers, a Polaroid camera and a sound machine that can play a crashing ocean or a gentle falling rain.

“Thank you,” Michael said as Amanda Zuckerman, co-founder of Dormify, and Laurie Strongin, founder and CEO of Hope for Henry delivered the bags of goodies to his room at MedStar Georgetown. “This is so awesome.  Everything is so cool. This feels less like a hospital room. I love it.”

“A Room of Your Own” provides kids undergoing bone marrow transplantation, cancer treatment, organ transplant and other medical interventions that require lengthy hospital stays with everything they need to create a comforting and personalized space. Décor packs are themed by a child’s age and gender. 

About Hope for Henry

Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for seriously ill children and their families through innovative programs that entertain, reduce stress and empower children to be active participants in their own care. Founded in 2003 and led by social innovator, patient advocate and author Laurie Strongin, Hope for Henry has served more than 35,000 of the sickest children in hospitals in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and around the country.

About Dormify

Dormify is a one-stop-shop for small space decorating and inspiration designed for the fashion-minded. Dormify simplifies the decor shopping experience by creating and curating exclusive products specifically designed for the style-obsessed, merchandising them into easy to shop looks to make decorating stress-free and fun.  Founded by Washington, D.C., -based Amanda Zuckerman and her mom Karen in 2011, Dormify has grown into trusted resource for original ideas and distinctive decor.