DC: 1776 and MedStar collaborate on new pitch competition for health-tech startups DC: 1776 and MedStar Collaborate on New Pitch Competition for Health-tech Startups

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This article covers the MI2 and 1776 #Patient2Consumer startup challenge, as well as the related partnership between MedStar Health and 1776 to support Health for America at MedStar Health. Read more.

About Health for America
Health for America (HFA) at MedStar Health, a past fellowship program embedded in the MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), has concluded. Learn more about the history and successes of the program here.

About MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2)
The MedStar Institute for Innovation is unique among innovation centers that are embedded in health systems. MI2’s approach is to create an innovation ecosystem across MedStar Health that fosters the vast creative talent and energy of its 31,000 associates and 6,000 physicians. MI2 itself has developed deep technical expertise in human factors engineering, health influence and engagement, innovative learning and simulation, and digital health and data science. MI2, chartered in 2008, also serves as the portal for engaging outside startups and entrepreneurial collaborators to apply new ideas and innovative approaches to care for people and advance health. For more information, see