Third Party Events | MedStar Health

Thank you for your interest in planning an event to benefit MedStar Health.

To help ensure the success of your event, MedStar Health has established the following guidelines for fundraising and promoting your event. Fundraising events require prior approval from MedStar Health. To submit your event, please email with the name of the event, general description, and contact information.

Before planning your event, please read the below guidelines.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email


Please read all guidelines before completing the digital form.

The third-party entity must agree to the following:

  • If a specific program is to be the beneficiary of the event, the correct wording places “MedStar” and the name of the MedStar Health entity after the name of the program (i.e., “The Pediatrics Department at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital”).

  • The event organizer must obtain any necessary permits, licenses or insurance. If the organizer has obtained Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, the event organizer must clearly state this in all promotional materials.

  • The event organizer will be the sole recipient of a tax receipt.

  • Drafts of letters, press releases, invitations, etc., must be emailed to the MedStar Health entity’s designated staff contact person for review and approval prior to release. MedStar Health is to be identified as the beneficiary of the event.

  • The MedStar Health entity will be provided with an accurate name, phone number, email address, and mailing address of someone who officially represents the group conducting the event. Should the contact person change during the planning and implementation of the event, the MedStar Health entity contact staff person will be immediately notified.

  • All billing, contracts, agreements, vendor accounts, etc., must be in the name of the group conducting the event, not in the name of the MedStar Health entity.

  • The MedStar Health entity may be asked to provide certain items such as marketing materials to be available at the event. The event organizer must obtain permission from MedStar Health to use the MedStar Health name. We will not provide the MedStar Health logo for promotional materials. Instead, the event organizer will be asked to include “In support/benefit of the XXX department or program at MedStar Health”. The promotional materials used with our name must be sent to the philanthropy staff member for final approval.

  • It is the responsibility of the group or individual conducting the event to comply with all governmental rules and regulations during the event. MedStar Health must receive proceeds from the event within 60 days of event.

  • Unless special consideration is given, the MedStar Health entity will accept only the net proceeds from the event. (Pledges must be collected and bills must be paid prior to the MedStar Health entity’s acceptance of funds.)

  • If you plan to solicit contributions, sponsorship or in-kind gifts from local businesses, the list of potential business sponsors must be reviewed by the MedStar Health entity contact staff person before being solicited. Please remember that many individuals and businesses already support MedStar Health.

If the above guidelines are not followed, MedStar Health reserves the right to disassociate its name and involvement with any group or individual or event by issuing a written statement to that effect. Upon receipt of this letter, the individual or group conducting the Third-Party Event must cease using the name or logo of MedStar Health in all connections with the event.

To support your event, MedStar Health can:

  • Offer advice and expertise related to event planning for a single one-hour session.

  • Assist you in designating your contribution to a specific area of interest that has special meaning for you.

  • Provide MedStar logos specific to the entity in which you are partnering with.

To support your event, MedStar Health cannot:

  • Extend our tax exemption, meaning that an attendee or donor to your event will not be provided a charitable gift acknowledgement letter from MedStar Health.

  • Release donor, volunteer, employee, physician or other mailing lists for additional solicitation of funds by outside groups.

  • Offer funding or reimbursement for expenses.

  • Guarantee promotion of an event through MedStar Health’s publications and media outlets.

  • Be responsible for selling tickets for events.

  • Be responsible for providing staff or volunteer support leading up to the event.

  • Guarantee staff or volunteer participation at the event, or patient family attendance.

  • Provide facilities to hold the event.

  • Provide MedStar Health hospitals letterhead, place event fliers, posters or other promotional material throughout each hospital.

  • Provide individual receipts to those who support the event.

  • Serve as a registration source for events such as online registration or RSVP's.

  • Provide celebrities or professional athletes for your event.

  • Provide contact information of its corporate sponsors, donors and supporters for solicitation purposes.

Staff representation

To discuss staff representation, please email at least 90 days prior to an event.

Due to the large volume of requests and events internally, a staff representative cannot be guaranteed to volunteer and/or participate at your event.