Provider Services

We are proud to offer MedStar providers a number of tools to meet their unique wellbeing needs.

A first-of-its-kind, the Physician Concierge program connects providers directly with a personalized assistant who can help you navigate various resources. From understanding your 403b, to getting help with rescheduling your flight reservation and setting up your back-up child care and adult care, to career coaching and beyond, the Physician Concierge program is designed to remove friction from your day to day life. Use the Physician Concierge link to schedule an appointment with your personal concierge and fill out a confidential form for direct assistance.

Additional tools and information include access to MedStar Health’s Faculty Development, MedStar GME, and the Wellness Champions network.

Physician Concierge

  • Call us: 800-554-1399
  • Schedule an appointment with your personal concierge
  • Fill out a confidential form for direct assistance
  • Access child and adult care resources on
  • Download the app on iOS or Android

Faculty Development

MedStar Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Wellness Champions

Founded in 2018, the Wellness Champions program is a system-wide initiative to support and develop local wellness experts throughout MedStar. Every GME program as well as any interested department/team is encouraged to identify and provide time for a volunteer to join our multidisciplinary group of wellness champions. Wellness champions participate in regular meetings to receive the latest information about wellness research and best practices, to exchange ideas, collect and understand wellness data, and to work together to address challenges in implementing wellness strategies. We will continue work to develop resources and infrastructure for local wellness projects.

If you would like to learn more or are considering becoming a Wellness Champion, please contact Heather Hartman-Hall, PhD at [email protected]