Nursing at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

Nursing at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

Nursing at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center

A team of nurses at MedStar Montgomery Medical Center stands together at one of the nursing stations in the hospital and poses for a photo. They are all wearing face masks.


About Us

MedStar Montgomery Medical Center (MMMC)is in Olney, Maryland in Montgomery County. Hospital was established in 1919 and has served the community for one hundred and two years. In FY 2020 our nurses cared for 5969 inpatient admissions, 29344 emergency department visits and 2150 observation cases. The hospital is on the journey to Magnet Recognition to showcase our commitment to quality patient care, safety, and positive work environment for all associates.


MedStar Montgomery Medical Center Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy of nursing at MedStar Montgomery reflects the vision and values of our organization. We support an environment that promotes professional nursing practice and collaborative governance which emphasizes the five caring processes, defined by Kristen Swanson: knowing, being with, doing for, enabling and maintaining belief in the patients, family and staff who care for them.

We also believe:

  • Compassionate caring by nurses leads to improvements in patient’s physical healing, sense of self determination, confidence, and mental attitude.
  • Nursing care for each patient and family is individualized, compassionate and culturally appropriate.
  • Nurses collaborate with patients, families, and other health team members to plan and provide nursing care that will achieve an optimal level of health and wellness, or when it is not possible, support the experience of loss and death.
  • We believe in creating a work climate for nurses that nurtures and supports clinical expertise, education, collaborative governance, and research, fostering recruitment and retention of nursing staff who demonstrate the highest integrity, competence and qualifications.

Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Professional Practice Model is a visual or schematic conceptual model of how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for patients, families and communities. The Medstar Montgomery Professional Practice Model represents the four Magnet domains as the road leading to the hospital, work team and care delivery model practiced at MMMC. Our spirit values and collaborative governance set the framework for nursing practice. Other programs and initiatives serve to enhance the delivery of patient care and the formation of effective care teams. Developed by MedStar Montgomery nurses, our PPM promotes respect and encourages responsibility for creating a culture of learning, mutual support and creative problem-solving.

Professional Development Opportunities

MMMC supports the professional development of our nurses through:
  • Specialty-specific certification review courses
  • Clinical Advancement Program
  • Collaborative governance participation
  • EdAssist
  • MedStar Health Elective Learning Platform
  • Nursing organization conferences
  • Nursing scholarship program
  • Professional nursing organization memberships
  • Leadership development for nurse managers
  • Nurse Residency Program
  • Agreement with local colleges for student practicums