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MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
First US Surgeon Performs New Advanced Microsurgery at The Curtis National Hand Center
In an innovative surgery, not accessible anywhere else in the United States, Dr. James Higgins, chief of the Curtis National Hand Center at Baltimore’s MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, used a new microsurgery method to transplant bone, cartilage and blood vessels into the wrist of a patient with Kienbock’s disease.

Camden MedStar Signage
MedStar Health Becomes the Official ‘Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Team’ of the Baltimore Orioles
MedStar Health is pleased to announce that it has been named the official Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Team of the Baltimore Orioles. The professional baseball team partnered with MedStar due to the breadth and depth of expertise embodied in MedStar Sports Medicine, one of the premier sports medicine programs in the country.