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  • January 06, 2022

    Christine R. Wray announces Jan. 2022 retirement after 42 years of service in healthcare

    CLINTON, Md.Christine R. Wray, FACHE, president of MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center and MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital who also serves as a senior vice president for MedStar Health, announced that she will be retiring on January 28, 2022.

    Wray was named president of MedStar Southern Maryland in September 2014, two years after MedStar Health acquired the hospital located in the Clinton area of Prince George’s County. With Wray at the helm, MedStar Southern Maryland saw the development and growth of several new service lines.

    In 2016, the hospital received national recognition from U.S. News & World Report, having ranked among the top 50 of best hospitals for neurology and neurosurgery. In 2017, MedStar Southern Maryland joined the prestigious MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute-Cleveland Clinic Alliance. Wray also helped facilitate the opening of the MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center in February 2020. This 25,000 square foot facility offers unmatched medical expertise, leading-edge therapies, and access to robust clinical research, all under the same roof.

    Moreover, the construction of MedStar Southern Maryland’s new Emergency Department (ED) expansion project took place under Wray’s leadership, and remained on schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The $43 million ED expansion project has been deemed the largest construction project in the hospital’s history. The new emergency department opened its doors in April 2021 to provide local residents with seamless access to the most advanced care.

    Wray’s focus on providing quality care has helped MedStar Southern Maryland build a foundation of excellence that will serve local communities for decades to come. MedStar Southern Maryland is grateful for the innumerable and lasting contributions that Wray made throughout her 42-year healthcare career.

    “I have so cherished working with all of you in our commitment and service to our wonderful communities. It has truly been an honor and a privilege,” Wray said in an announcement that was emailed to hospital associates. “Please always be proud of the work you do and how you care for each other as you care for our patients. It is incredibly important work and you are the best of the best!

    Dr. Stephen Michaels, who currently serves as the chief operating and medical officer for MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, will take over as president of MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center.

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  • January 04, 2019

    Zijun Zhang, MD, PhD and collaborators from the Orthobiologic Laboratory at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital evaluate multipotent stormal cells of persons with diabetes and the weakened ability to fight off bacterial infection.The research was recently published in Stem Cells and Development. Learn More

  • January 04, 2019

    In a joint effort, experts from MedStar Health and the American Medical Association (AMA) have launched, highlighting patient safety and health information technology concerns with electronic health records (EHRs). 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of the federal act which encouraged the adoption of EHRs. This collaboration builds on prior MedStar Health research that identified concerns with EHRs usability and errors. Read more.

  • January 04, 2019

    MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare Logo

    Washington, D.C., — Marking the 10th anniversary of the landmark federal act that encouraged hospitals, clinics, and physician offices to adopt electronic health record systems (EHRs), MedStar Health experts in patient safety and health information technology are collaborating with the American Medical Association (AMA) to push for changes to address the known risks to patient safety and clinician burnout that stem from poor EHR usability.

    In their latest joint effort, MedStar and the AMA are making available for the first time videos from the clinician’s point of view that demonstrate the risks and challenges caused by poor EHR usability, which is the extent to which the technology can be used efficiently, effectively, and satisfactorily. The videos have just been made available on a new website,, that presents compelling evidence for the need to act. The site specifically calls out what multiple stakeholders—policymakers, healthcare providers, EHR vendors and patients—can do. The theme of the website and campaign is ‘Everybody Has Responsibilities’ to stress the need for increased collaboration.

    The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was passed in February 2009 to encourage the adoption and meaningful use of EHRs to ultimately improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of patient care. As a result of this legislation and the $40 billion investment supporting it, EHRs are now used by the vast majority of hospitals, clinics, and physician offices in the United States. 

    As part of the push for EHR usability and safety on the HITECH Act anniversary, MedStar is gathering signatures on a letter to the elected leaders of the United States Senate and House committees encouraging them to prioritize EHR usability and safety in their oversight of new policies being put in place by the Department of Health and Human Services. Central to this effort is a program that would allow for the open reporting of usability and safety challenges by both providers and patients so that common themes can be identified and addressed more rapidly.

    MedStar built the video website based on research they conducted recently on the usability of Cerner and Epic products, which comprise more than 50 percent of the market. The research findings, “A usability and safety analysis of electronic health records: a multi-center study,” were published July 2, 2018, in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.  

    For the study, 12 to 15 emergency physicians from four health systems (two using Cerner and two using Epic) were given common tasks mimicking real patient cases—placing orders for medical imaging, lab tests and medications. Researchers collected data pertaining to the variability of performance at each site.

    “The results of this study reinforce the assessment that ensuring the usability and safety of EHRs is a joint responsibility between physicians, technology vendors and technology purchasers that requires collaboration with these stakeholders at each stage of design, development and implementation,” said AMA CMIO Michael Hodgkins, M.D. “The health care system must have confidence in the EHR systems used to manage patient care.”

    Dr. Ratwani and MedStar Health have worked extensively with the AMA, Pew Charitable Trusts and other collaborators on EHR safety and usability over the past several years. Major journal articles include:


    About the MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare

    The MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare occupies a unique position in the United States as the largest human factors program embedded within a healthcare system. It brings together human factors scientists, systems safety engineers, health services researchers, clinicians, and other experts to create a safer and more efficient healthcare environment through four core services in research, usability, safety advisement, and education. The center is part of the MedStar Institute for Innovation and is also affiliated with the MedStar Health Research Institute and MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety. MedStar Health, the parent organization, is the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., region, with 10 hospitals and an extensive ambulatory services network, and is the medical education and clinical partner of Georgetown University.    

  • January 03, 2019
    Facilities Manager from Maryland Renovates His Own Health Thanks to Basic Training to Battle High Blood Sugar
  • January 02, 2019

    Federico Asch, MD, FACC, FASE, Director of the Echocardiography Core Lab at MedStar Health Research Institute and Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at Georgetown University presented final data from the World Alliance Societies of Echocardiography (WASE) Normal Values Study at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris. Read more.

  • January 01, 2019
    MedStar Health Research Institute has been awarded a contract from Pennsylvania's Patient Safety Authority for a multi-year project analyzing the largest patient safety database in the country. Led by principal investigator Raj Ratwani, PhD, the collaborative team from the MedStar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare will use innovative machine learning algorithms to quickly identify areas where improvements can be applied to shape the future of safe and effective patient care. Pennsylvania is the only state in the U.S. that requires healthcare facilities to report events that could potentially cause harm to patients, as well as events that have been shown to cause harm. Read more.

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