Gastroenterology Fellowship Program

The MedStar Health - Georgetown University Hospital Fellowship Program in Gastroenterology

In July 2015, the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital fellowship integrated with MedStar Washington Hospital Center enlarging the program to three participating hospitals including MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH), MedStar Washington Hospital Center (MWHC), and the Washington, D.C. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). This integration increased the number of fellows to 18.

The MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Gastroenterology Fellowship Program is an ACGME- accredited program offering an outstanding, comprehensive three-year training program in gastroenterology and hepatology. Our program is designed to provide a scholarly training environment for fellows to develop into academic subspecialty consultants, clinical investigators, and clinical gastroenterologists. In addition to providing outstanding clinical training, we strive to provide the scientific foundation necessary to foster the development of our trainees into independent clinical investigators. To attain these goals the program is structured for trainees to achieve appropriate medical knowledge and procedural skills in the field of digestive diseases, as well as to develop the interpersonal and communication skills and professional attitudes necessary to function as highly competent subspecialists in this field.

Expanding the Gastroenterology fellowship to three hospitals significantly broadened the clinical experience and research opportunities for all fellows in the combined program. Fellows rotate through all three hospitals and participate in the care of patients with a wide range of clinical problems in all stages of illness. Clinical fellows receive 36 months of clinical training. Fellows receive research training and participate in scholarly activity.

Our Mission

To create an environment where compassionate medical trainees can learn to provide exceptional quality care to the patients we serve.


Why train here

Collaboration with MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute

  • Ranked among the best in the Mid-Atlantic for liver transplant outcomes
  • One of few centers in the country to provide living-donor liver transplants
  • Only program in the Mid-Atlantic approved for small bowel transplant
  • Pioneer in renal transplants, including organ donation with incompatible blood types
  • Leader in GI and hepatology clinical trials
  • Transplant hepatology fellowship

Affiliation with MedStar Health

  • Largest health system in the Mid-Atlantic
  • 11 D.C./Baltimore area hospitals
  • 20 other health-related businesses
  • 3rd largest employer in the region
  • 31,000 associates, residents, and fellows
  • 176,000 inpatients, 4.6 million outpatient visits per year


Participation in MedStar Institute for Innovation

  • Annual “Think Different” conference
  • Intellectual property and patent development
  • Patient experience app and modules


Year 1

  • Inpatient consults
  • Inpatient transplant hepatology
  • Outpatient endoscopy (2 months)
  • Research/elective (2 weeks)

Year 2

  • Outpatient endoscopy (5 months)
  • Inpatient transplant hepatology
  • Outpatient transplant hepatology (1 month)
  • Elective/research (1 month)
  • Inpatient consult

Year 3

  • Outpatient endoscopy (9 months)
  • Outpatient transplant hepatology (1 month)
  • Elective/research (2 months)
  • Inpatient consults


Training Locations

In the integrated MedStar Georgetown University Hospital program, the curriculum is structured so that all Gastroenterology fellows rotate through all three hospitals, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital,, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, and The Washington, D.C. VA Affairs Medical Center, creating a progressive clinical experience at a busy university hospital, a large urban hospital, and a busy VA hospital. The primary site and sponsoring institution for the program is MGUH.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH)

MedStar Washington Hospital Center (MWHC)

The Washington, D.C. VA Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) serves more than 106,903 Veterans who are enrolled for VA health care in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and had more than one-million (1,263,472) patient encounters The VA GI rotation provide fellows with a wide spectrum of gastrointestinal diseases from patients who are hospitalized and outpatients at the VA hospital.

Application Information

Thank you for your interest in the Gastroenterology Fellowship Training Program. This is a three-year training experience accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education that is designed to provide the basic educational and experiential elements necessary for the fellow to become a fully trained consultative gastroenterologist. The responsibilities are initially basic and are designed to give the trainee progressive responsibility with appropriate supervision to allow independent development of his/her skills.

The application process opens during the month of July for the Fellowship Program.

How to Apply through ERAS:

You must apply for the Fellowship Program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). ERAS is an internet-based applications process developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges to transmit fellowship applications, letters of recommendation, Program Director letters, medical transcripts and other supporting credentials from applicants, residency programs and medical schools to fellowship program directors using the Internet. Visit the ERAS website for more information about the process or to register.

Upon receiving the applications through ERAS, a committee of program faculty from all three rotation sites review the applications. Interviews will be scheduled in the fall. Invitations to interview are sent via ERAS from our program coordinator.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital typically hosts 2-3 interview days where candidates are invited to meet a variety of faculty from all three of our clinical sites in a series of 15 to 20 minute interviews. The interview day also includes a program overview, hospital tour, informal meetings with current fellows, and lunch with faculty and fellows.

The “Match”

Once you have applied to the Fellowship Program and accepted our invitation to interview with our faculty, fellows and staff, we hope you will choose to rank MedStar Georgetown University Hospital at the top of your list of desirable training programs in Gastroenterology.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital participates in the National Resident Matching Program’s Medical Specialties Matching Program (MSMP) in Gastroenterology. This is a computerized venue for matching an applicant’s preferences for fellowship positions with program directors’ preferences for applicants. Please visit the NRMP website for more information or to register.

Important Dates

  1. Gastroenterology ERAS Application Process opens July.
  2. Gastroenterology Application Dates: July – August.
    We will begin downloading applications in July.
    We will contact you in August – September about the possibility of an interview.
  3. Interviews will be scheduled: September.
  4. Registration for NRMP Match List opens in August.
    The NRMP Rank Order List closes in November.
  5. NRMP Match Day: December.
  6. Fellows begin their training programs: July the following year.

VISA POLICY: J1 visas are sponsored through MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. We currently do not have the ability to sponsor H1B visas.

Entering fellows must have completed an ACGME accredited three-year residency program in Internal Medicine in the United States or Canada.


Contact us

We invite you to visit our Gastroenterology Program web pages to learn more about our Fellowship Training Program. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Mark Mattar, M.D.
Fellowship Program Director


Jean Trost
Fellowship & Education Administrator

Gastroenterology Fellowship Program
Division of Gastroenterology, 2 Main Room M2207
MedStar Georgetown University Hospital
3800 Reservoir Road, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007

General Info: 202-444-2855