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Performance Improvement Project Management Services

Performance Improvement Project Management Services

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Case study

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Maximizing value for facility management and the patient experience

As MedStar Health evolves as one System, we continue looking for opportunities to maximize value in how we maintain our facilities in the cleanest, safest manner possible as we care for our patients. In support of this, the Performance Improvement (PI) team at MedStar Health partnered with Administrative and Support Services stakeholders across the organization to standardize Environmental Services (EVS) management, processes, and technologies across 10 entities, thereby eliminating waste, improving patient satisfaction, and achieving economies of scale.

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MedStar PI and Support Services empowered local management to drive change and consolidate accountability by reducing multiple EVS vendor agreements into a single systemwide EVS vendor. The creation of a System Leadership position for EVS was critical to sustaining the changes, as the role now holds vendors accountable for attaining performance criteria that balance cost, quality, and efficiency across the system. By standardizing performance tracking of EVS delivery, MedStar Health is delivering a more consistent patient experience regardless of the site of care.

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