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About Us

MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI), founded in 1963, is the research division of MedStar Health. MHRI provides scientific, administrative, and regulatory support for clinical research throughout the MedStar Health system. Led by Dr. Neil Weissman, MHRI supports more than 1,000 associates dedicated to advancing health through research.

MHRI’s core services include a biostatistics and epidemiological center, clinical research centers, a research pharmacy, two accredited pre-clinical laboratories, biochemistry and biomarker core laboratories, a core platelet center, a cardiac and vascular pathology center, a genetics/genomics/proteomics research core, a cardiovascular core imaging center, an institutional review board, and an office of research integrity. In the last year, more than 1,000 active studies, involving thousands of patients, resulted in nearly 1,000 peer-reviewed publications. MHRI is in the top 20% of U.S. institutions receiving funds from the National Institutes of Health and other federal agencies, with approximately 60% of its studies being federally funded.

Wherever you look throughout the MedStar Health system, you're likely to find the highly qualified scientists and investigators conducting leading edge clinical research. MedStar Health Research Institute researchers cover many areas and types of research. From bench to bedside and into the community, associates across MHRI work to advance the scientific understanding of disease and point the way toward better and more effective treatments. As the research-focused entity of MedStar Health, this is our contribution to the healing work performed throughout the system and in the communities we serve.

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Our Mission

MedStar Health Research Institute is dedicated to supporting the academic platform of MedStar Health by conducting high quality translational and health sciences research throughout the MedStar system.

Our Vision

To be the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health.

MedStar Health is a not-for-profit, regional healthcare system with ten hospitals and more than 20 other health-related services in the Maryland and Washington, D.C., region. More than a half-million patients trust their care to MedStar Health each year.