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Spinal Cord Injury Research Center

The Spinal Cord Injury Research Center (SCIRC) pursues medical, health systems and knowledge translation research to help people with spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D). The SCIRC is directed by Suzanne Groah, MD MSPH. A program centered at the MedStar National Rehabilitation Network (MedStar NRH Network) in Washington, DC, the SCIRC works collaboratively with other SCI researchers and centers of excellence nationwide to solve problems of health and participation faced by persons with SCI/D. Summarized below is a selection of projects currently under way at the SCIRC.

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Secondary Conditions in the Rehabilitation of Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Awarded in 2009, the RRTC is the second of two, 5-year cycles of investigation of secondary conditions in SCI sponsored by NIDRR at MedStar NRH Network. The focus of RRTC research and its closely integrated training projects is on learning more about cardiometabolic risk (CMR) in people with SCI and understanding better just how skin reacts to pressure and relief of pressure to help prevent pressure ulcers in SCI.

"Cardiometabolic" refers to a cluster of interrelated health problems: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol. RRTC research will add to knowledge about how people with SCI vary in CMR from the general population and whether omega 3 fatty acid supplements can help manage some of the risk. This knowledge, along with knowledge gained about the skin's response to pressure, will help develop tools for both consumers and clinicians to manage both CMR and skin health in SCI.

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