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Thank you for considering an Administrative Fellowship with MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Our fellowship has a more than 30-year history of educating and developing leaders, including our system CEO, Ken Samet, and the organization has benefited greatly from the new ideas young professionals have brought to the table.

The fellow is based at the hospital, in the heart of Washington, DC, sitting in the administrative suite alongside myself and other members of the leadership team. Washington Hospital Center is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the area and that educational mission extends to the administrative fellow. You will find our leaders and associates eager to share their knowledge and involve you in their work.

The fellow at the Hospital Center has the unique opportunity to be a member of the leadership team, including attending Center Executive Team meetings, hospital board meetings and hospital and system leadership meetings. This imbedded experience gives the fellow insight and perspective into important initiatives for the hospital, how the leadership team addresses challenges, and how information and culture are communicated across every level of the organization. Fellows also work at every level of the organization, shadowing and participating on committees and projects that are of interest.

Here at the Hospital Center we are ONE TEAM and the fellow is an important member of that team. I encourage you to explore our website, attend a webinar, and contact our current fellow with any additional questions you might have. On behalf of the entire team here at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, thank you for exploring this opportunity and we look forward to hearing from you.

Gregory Argyros MD
Gregory J. Argyros, MD, MACP, FCCP



About the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Fellowship

Established in 1982, the Administrative Fellowship Program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center offers a one-year practicum experience in the management of a large, not-for-profit, tertiary teaching hospital. The fellow reports jointly to the Senior Vice President and MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute Chief Administrative Officer, Cathie Monge, and the Vice President of Professional Services, Emily Briton.Throughout the year the fellow has the opportunity to work closely with the hospital’s senior management team and administrative committees.

Furthermore, the fellow also has the opportunity to gain system-level exposure through projects related to system integration, strategic planning and governance issues. Many previous fellows of MedStar Washington Hospital Center still work for MedStar Health, including MedStar Health’s President.

How does the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Fellowship work?

To a great extent, the fellowship is self-directed. The fellowship begins with orientations and shadowing in a variety of clinical and operational departments. Over the course of the year, the fellow develops working relationships with MedStar Washington Hospital Center’s senior management team and is afforded the opportunity to become involved in an array of special projects, many of which are based on the particular interests of the fellow. Accordingly, the program may include:

  • Work Related to Hospital Operations
  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Medical Affairs
  • Nursing
  • Managed Care
  • Public Affairs
  • Information Systems
  • Ambulatory and Primary Care Services

Fellows are encouraged to apply their individual background and experience in the work environment in order to contribute to the institution while gaining an in-depth understanding of hospital operations.

Ready to learn more about the MedStar Health Administrative Fellowship Programs?

If you would like to learn more about MedStar Health Administrative Fellowship Programs and have an opportunity to ask past and current fellows questions,
please join us for an informational webinar.

About MedStar Washington Hospital Center

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is a 912-bed, private, not-for-profit academic medical center located on a 47-acre medical campus in the heart of Washington, D.C. with Children’s National Medical Center, National Rehabilitation Hospital, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center. As one of the largest teaching hospitals in the Washington area, MedStar Washington Hospital Center trains more than 300 residents and fellows in over 30 specialties annually, as well as numerous students in nursing, medical technology, radiology, and pharmacy.

Some of the many respected specialty areas at MedStar Washington Hospital Center include the Washington Cancer Institute, the MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute, the Burn Center, Women’s and Infants’ Services, MedStar shock/trauma service, Advanced Imaging Services, and the Washington National Eye Center.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center serves as the flagship hospital of MedStar Health, a regional healthcare delivery system serving diverse communities across the Maryland and Washington D.C. regions.

Past MedStar Washington Hospital Center Fellowship Projects

Below are examples of the various projects that former MedStar Washington Hospital Center Fellows have managed.

The fellow created a new dashboard for the MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute to track physician productivity and worked closely with the Department Chair of Cardiology. Targeted benchmarks and goals were set for the various departments within the Institute. This tool monitors whether the physicians are hitting their targeted RVU goal.

The fellow wrote the business plan for the new Transitions Clinic for the MedStar Heart and Vascular Institute. This plan was approved by the president, Mr. Sullivan and the clinic is set to open in early FY18. The Transitions Clinic will serve those patients that have been diagnosed with a heart disease, but have not yet been diagnosed with advanced heart failure.

The fellow worked closely with the Environmental Science department manager to create pager login tracking tools, new signage and instructional cards to ensure careful monitoring of utilization of mobile devices and proper awareness of optimal use of the tool among associates. An appropriate metric was used to measure the downstream impact of the project. This project led to the increased utilization of pager to nearly 100% and helped the fellow learn the value of persistent focus on the details to impact institution-wide improvement.

The fellow mapped data from disparate systems to reconcile charges and ensure that the hospital was getting paid for what they billed. Ultimately, the fellow identified several cases that either had a charge lag or complication or communicated that to the appropriate entities.

The fellow created a dashboard that breaks out all practices under the department of surgery and then monitors their progress in the attainment of several key metrics and standards.

The fellow worked closely with the Director of F and N to look at best practices compared to current state and then established enhanced accountability measures.

The fellow conducted data analysis to determine bed needs for the long-range bed modernization planning process. Analyses include the benchmarking to the ten hospitals within the UHC that are closest to us in size, creating a stem and leaf plot to display the trends that comprise our ambulatory care case mix.

Current MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Fellow

Julie ReiffJulie Reiff

Graduate School: Johns Hopkins University
Phone: 202-877-3799
Email: [email protected]



Should you have any questions about the MedStar Washington Hospital Center Administrative Fellowship program, please do not hesitate to contact the current Administrative Fellow.


Sarah Ryan, 2019
Graduate School: The Ohio State University
Current Position: Practice Manager, Anesthesia, MedStar Washington Hospital Center


Oluwatoniloba OniOluwatoniloba Oni, 2018
Graduate School: Columbia University
Current Position: Ambulatory Practice Manager, Center for Vascular Care, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute, MedStar Washington Hospital Center


Debolina GoswamiDebolina Goswami, 2017
Graduate School: University of Michigan
Current Position: Ambulatory Practice Manager, Washington Cancer Institute, MedStar Washington Hospital Center


Keighly McConnellKeighley McConnell, 2016
Graduate School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Current Position: Healthcare Analyst, Huron


Ryan Miller, 2015
Graduate School: University of Michigan
Current Position: Assistant Vice President, Ambulatory Surgery Operations, HCA East Florida Division

Yang Zhao, 2014
Graduate School: Georgetown University
Current Position: Director, Surgical Services, MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute

Andrew Canning, 2013
Graduate School: University of Florida
Current Position: Associate Vice President, Operations, MedStar Ambulatory Services

Elliott Brown, 2012
Graduate School: Georgetown University
Current Position: Associate Administrator, George Washington University Hospital

Brede Eschilman, 2011
Graduate School: Yale University
Current Position: Next Generation ACO Model Co-lead, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Taylr Jesinger, 2010
Graduate School: University of Kentucky
Current Position: Director, Innovation Forums, Senior Project Manager, Influence Specialist, MedStar Health Institute for Innovation

Holly Van Hoose, 2009
Graduate School: University of Oklahoma
Current Position: Vice President, Client Success Executive, United Health Group

Clint Weiss, MD, 2008
Graduate School: Cornell University
Current Position: Radiology Resident, Maine Medical Center

Elizabeth Dollens, 2007
Graduate School: The George Washington University
Current Position: Vice President, Kaufman Hall

Zal Damkevala, 2006
Graduate School: Pennsylvania State University
Current Position: Senior Director of Operations, MedStar Health Urgent Care