MedStar Harbor Hospital to Expand Tree Canopy with Urban Forest Project

MedStar Harbor Hospital to Expand Tree Canopy with Urban Forest Project

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Partnership Project Begins Phase 1 of Harbor Park West Begins October 22nd

A woman holds a tray of pine tree seedlings outdoors.

Baltimore, Md — MedStar Harbor Hospital is partnering with the Baltimore Tree Trust and Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC, to create Medstar Harbor Park West, an urban forestation project that will expand the hospital’s tree canopy on the campus, adjacent to the DaVita Center, between Cherry Hill Road and Poteet Street- inside the Cherry Hill community.

Dozens of volunteers from the Arbor Day Foundation and from UPS, will be on site at 9 a.m. and working until 1 p.m. October 22nd, to begin phase one of the project. They’ll dig holes, plant and water 105 native canopy trees, including red maple, honey locust, tulip poplar, eastern red cedar, flowering dogwood and swamp white oak.

Also during this phase, aster, coneflower, coreopsis, echinacea, aquilegia and mum seeds will be planted along with wild flower mixes added to the landscape as cover crops.

 “It has been an honor to work alongside the Baltimore Tree Trust and Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC to provide this truly unique project and furthering the expansion our Master Green Infrastructure Plan,” said Brian Gray, director clinical support operations who also serves as sustainability officer for the hospital. “It benefits all of us who work here at the hospital to have a serene and healthy environment, but also our community members. Best of all, generations to come will have the healing benefits of the efforts we are making now.” 

The Baltimore Tree Trust was awarded funding from the Arbor Day Foundation and MedStar Harbor Hospital was the selected beneficiary to build an urban park setting at the Harbor Park West site. The hospital has already planted 126 native trees since 2018.

During phase 2 of the project, which begins in the spring, 2022, paving, signage, seating and recycling containers will be added.

MedStar Harbor Hospital was awarded a Tree Campus Healthcare Facility recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation because of the hospital’s ongoing effort to protect the environment with an expansive increased storm water water retention system, and for creating a green and healthy environment in the city with trees and native gardens.

“This one-of-a kind program aims to transform community health and wellness and ultimately save lives through the health benefits provided by trees, as well as recognize healthcare institutions that make an impact on wellness through tree planting, education, and community engagement,” the foundation announced online.