MedStar Health launches a new digital experience for patients as another way to schedule care and keep track of important health information

MedStar Health Launches a New Digital Experience for Patients as Another Way to Schedule Care and Keep Track of Important Health Information

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Patients have 24/7 access to appointments with more seamless check-in, digital wallet, and more

COLUMBIA, Md. – The road to better health just got easier thanks to the launch of a new patient experience platform through MedStar Health. The new patient-focused tool has the most comprehensive product features available in the region to greatly improve the patient experience and access to care.

Only a month after the platform’s launch, patients like LaTanya Lucas of Maryland are already finding success scheduling appointments quickly. “All went well. This was easier than any other site to use,” said Lucas.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or any device connected to the internet, patients using the platform through a convenient app or website can schedule appointments with primary care, urgent care, or telehealth providers 24/7. They can also manage their calendar, access their records, see test results, view physician ratings, register online to save time at check-in, and more. Patients can also receive helpful notifications—like appointment scheduling and registration reminders—to alleviate some of the stress of managing their health journey.

“We know life is busy and sometimes it can be difficult to make health a priority,” said John Lock, chief transformation officer for MedStar Health and one of the key leaders driving and working alongside their platform partner. “We wanted to create a tool for our patients that didn’t exist before that helps them manage their health and wellness in as little time as possible at any hour of the day. This helps to connect them to the right care at the right time in the right location and the right care setting. The platform is also open to people who have not been a MedStar Health patient.”

Lock and his team partnered with b.well Connected Health, a Baltimore-based digital health platform company focused on re-imagining the consumer healthcare experience and supporting healthcare stakeholders with their digital transformation efforts.

“We selected b.well Connected Health because of their advanced technology in interoperability and consumer experience platforms to help healthcare providers offer a more consumer-like experience to their patients,” said Lock. “We know it’s reassuring for patients, parents and caregivers to be able to make that connection of a provider appointment whenever they need it, whether it’s urgent care, telehealth or an in-person visit.”

William Owens of Maryland used the app and its integrated link to his MedStar Health portal, to help him through a recent health crisis. “When I log in to schedule an appointment, I see all of my physicians’ schedules,” said Owens. “I can pick the times that work for me. It is literally a lifesaver. I was 360 pounds and didn’t know I was diabetic. My numbers got dangerously high. I used the app to stay on top of my numbers on my portal and I’ve lost about 70 pounds.”

So far, about half of the app users have used it off hours to schedule a provider appointment.

“We have also streamlined the patient intake process and eliminated the need for redundant paperwork, which we know can be frustrating and time consuming,” said Lock. “Patients can manage their appointments without calling the office.”

Also, a new digital wallet feature allows patients to store copies of their vaccine card, insurance card, ID, and other health-related documents in a single location that they can readily access when needed.

Coming soon, the MyHealth section will allow patients to view health records from any medical provider all in one place. That will eliminate the need for patients to log in to multiple portals by consolidating all their information that they can share with their care team or even loved ones.

Over time, the MedStar Health app and consumer experience platform will be further developed to allow patients to integrate records with wearable devices, establish personalized alerts based on their medical status or conditions, and pay their medical bills online. The associated app also allows for patient feedback which will be used to make improvements along the way. The app is accessible through the Apple App store, Google plus or by visiting