MI2s MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center fuels system delivery of 100000 telehealth sessions

MI2’s MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center Fuels System Delivery of 100,000+ Telehealth Sessions During COVID-19 Response By May 1, 2020

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telehealth example - Dr. Booker

During the peak of the spring 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, MedStar Health conducted more than 4,500 telehealth encounters each weekday to ensure safe and efficient care for our patients, providers, and communities. By May 1, the system had reached the significant milestone of more than 100,000 telehealth sessions delivered in total during the pandemic.

Fueled by MI2’s MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center (MTIC)—and achieved in collaboration with providers and other partners across and beyond our system—here’s a look at how three MedStar Health telehealth service areas contributed to this exceptional care milestone: 

  • MedStar Health Video Visits represented about 78% of the 100,907 total sessions with 78,267 scheduled outpatient video visits delivered from the service’s March 23 launch through May 1. Read more about how MTIC supported the launch of MedStar Health Video Visits on the related Featured Projects page.

  • MedStar eConsult, which represents inpatient telehealth offerings often conducted between two providers for patient evaluation or professional consultation, comprised the remaining 7% of the total with 7,109 sessions.

As these services have scaled, so too have MedStar Health efforts to educate patients and address questions related to telehealth services. Examples involving MI2’s MTIC Medical Director Dr. Ethan Booker include his MedStar Washington Hospital Center Center View blog post educating the community about telehealth options that are offered across our system, as well as his video demonstration of a MedStar Health Video Visit.

Additionally, you can read more about MedStar Health’s initial telehealth response to COVID-19 in a sampling of news and other online coverage from March through May 2020:

Please note: General MI2 website updates were paused in recent months as our team focused on the COVID-19 response. As we resume updates in late June/July 2020, we are ensuring that select historic milestones that have passed are still represented in our newsroom.