Shoulder Facture Surgery | Fixation of the Proximal Humerus | MedStar Health

Our orthopedic shoulder surgeons are fellowship-trained and specialize specifically in shoulder surgery. We have unique expertise in shoulder fracture surgery, also known as fixation of the proximal humerus, and we often train surgeons from around the country on how to perform surgeries like this one. Our orthopedists spend time with you and your family to address your questions and explain your treatment options clearly, and we will develop a personalized plan for your rehabilitation following surgery.

What is fixation of the proximal humerus?

While many shoulder fractures are able to be treated without surgery, an unstable fracture may require surgical intervention. Fixation of the proximal humerus, or shoulder fracture surgery, is a surgical procedure that uses a metal plate to repair a break in the proximal humerus, found in the shoulder.

What does fixation of the proximal humerus involve?

During the procedure, your surgeon will first repair any misalignments of the bone. Your surgeon will then use screws to attach a metal plate to your bone to stabilize the area during your recovery.

Why is fixation of the proximal humerus performed?

Proximal humerus fracture surgery is usually performed after one of the following events causes a broken shoulder:

  • Fall on the shoulder or arm
  • Sudden blow to the shoulder
  • Sports injury
  • Motor vehicle accident

What are the benefits of undergoing fixation of the proximal humerus?

Our goal is for you to experience the following benefits after having shoulder fracture surgery:

  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Restored range of motion in the shoulder
  • Improved shoulder strength and balance
  • Improved shoulder stability
  • Ability to return to normal activities

What does fixation of the proximal humerus recovery involve?

Recovery from a fixation of the proximal humerus procedure will take some time. You will spend about four to six weeks protecting your arm in a sling. As your recovery progresses, you will also work on physical therapy exercises to build strength and range of motion in your arm. Your surgeon will discuss the specific details of your recovery plan with you prior to your procedure, and our physicians are always willing to discuss details about your personal recovery plan with you and your family.