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A Maternal-Fetal Medicine consultation assists obstetrical care providers and midwives in managing high-risk, complicated pregnancies. Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists at MedStar Health work closely with referring care providers in a multidisciplinary approach to provide personalized management of each patient's care.

Throughout testing and counseling, close communication is maintained with the referring physician or the certified nurse midwife. We make it a priority to discuss all test results and clinical recommendations in a timely manner.

Fetal assessment

These noninvasive tests on a fetus are used to determine well-being:

  • Comprehensive fetal ultrasound

  • First trimester screening

  • Biophysical profile

  • Fetal echocardiography

  • Doppler velocimetry

  • Non-stress testing

Genetic testing and counseling

Genetic counseling services help identify the risk of having a baby with specific birth defects, developmental disabilities or an inherited disease. Although not every couple needs testing, we recommend it for all women older than age 35 and those who have had a previous miscarriage or who have a family history of genetic disorders or birth defects.

Preconceptional care

The earliest weeks of pregnancy are a critical time for fetal development. Your preconception health and lifestyle has a great impact on your pregnancy. If you are planning to conceive and have concerns about family or medical history, past pregnancies, lifestyle or medications, you may want to consider preconceptional care.

Our providers

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Expert maternity care

Getting the care you need starts with seeing one of our maternity specialists.