MedStar Health Mobile Health Center
The MedStar Health mobile healthcare team poses for a photo in front of the mobile healthcare center truck.

Get the care you need

Knowing you need to see a doctor is one thing. Sometimes, being able to actually get to a doctor’s office is another. The MedStar Health Mobile Health Center offers a solution in neighborhoods across South Baltimore. It makes it easier than ever before for you to focus on your health and wellness and get care when you need it.

The mobile health center is brought to you by our MedStar Harbor Hospital and MedStar Sports Medicine teams.

We remain truly grateful for the various philanthropic partners that made this mobile unit a reality, including the Baltimore Ravens, the France-Merrick Foundation, and Kevin and DJ Plank.

Our schedule

Standing weekly visits

  • Mondays
    City of Refuge Baltimore (CORB)
    3501 7th St., Baltimore, MD 21225
    9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Tuesdays - Brooklyn
    The Transformation Center
    3701 4th St., Baltimore, MD 21225
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Wednesdays - Curtis Bay
    Drink at The Well
    4710 Pennington Ave., Baltimore, MD 21226
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Thursdays - Cherry Hill
    Cherry Hill Tenant Association
    2700 Spelman Rd., Baltimore, MD 21225
    10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Our Team

  • Andrea Gaspar, MD

    The MedStar Health mobile healthcare team poses for a photo in front of the mobile healthcare center truck.

    Dr. Gaspar is a general internal medicine physician who serves as medical director of the MedStar Health Mobile Health Center. In this role, she oversees operations of the unit and puts systems in place to optimize care for patients. Following graduation from McGovern Medical School at UT Health, she completed an internal medicine residency at Boston Medical Center, followed by a global and rural health fellowship at the University of Washington. Outside of work, Dr. Gaspar enjoys camping, hiking, running, tending to her house plants, cooking, traveling, and exploring new restaurants with her fiancé.

    “The Mobile Health Center gives us an amazing opportunity to take an innovative approach as we work to serve unique patient populations in need of unique healthcare services. My experience in global health allows me to understand and approach the various challenges that go along with providing comprehensive medical care in a mobile setting.”

  • Shannon Holder, DNP, CRNP, PMHNP-BC, NP-C

    Shannon Holder, MedStar Health mobile healthcare team member, poses for a photo in front of the mobile healthcare center truck.

    Shannon is a nurse practitioner on the MedStar Health Mobile Health Center. Her job is to assess, evaluate, diagnose, treat, and educate patients – many of whom have not seen a healthcare provider for many years. She is committed to caring for patients with complex medical and mental healthcare needs, with an ultimate goal to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities across Baltimore. Shannon is a graduate of Chatham University, where she earned a doctorate of nursing practice. Additionally, she studied at St. Joseph’s College of Maine, where she earned a master’s of science in nursing as a certified family nurse practitioner, and the University of Cincinnati, where she pursued board certification as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Committed to practicing what she preaches, outside of work Shannon enjoys exercising, preparing healthy meals, reading, watching movies, and traveling.

    “I enjoy educating patients on how they can make changes to improve their health. I consider myself to be a change agent and healthcare advocate, who gets to be part of the solution by fostering and building trusting patient-provider relationships.”

  • Taceya Lawson, CRMA, CCHW

    A healthcare professional poses for a photo in front of the MedStar Health mobile healthcare center truck.

    Taceya is a medical assistant and community health advocate on the MedStar Health Mobile Health Center. She greets and triages patients, draws blood, assists clinical providers with procedures, facilitates referrals for patients in need of specialty care, and works to connect patients to community resources. Taceya is certified as a community health worker by the Maryland Department of Health. She is also certified as a registered medical assistant by American Medical Technologists. Outside of work, Taceya enjoys spending quality time with her children, exercising, hiking, bike riding, learning new things, and visiting vegan restaurants.

    “I joined the Mobile Health team because I wanted a fresh start, and to be part of something that aligns with my personal desire to help people in need. No day is ever the same, and most importantly, the patient population we serve is amazing. I am grateful to be part of a team that supports my growth, both personally and professionally.”

  • Terri Langley

    The MedStar Health mobile healthcare team poses for a photo in front of the mobile healthcare center truck.

    Terri serves as the MedStar Mobile Health Center driver, responsible for assuring the unit arrives at scheduled sites on time. Additionally, as the unit’s patient registrar, she takes the lead in helping patients in need of care through the registration process upon arrival. Terri holds a CDL drivers license, and is personally committed to motivating patients to make good choices that can improve their health. She is married and has three step-children and two cats. For fun, Terri enjoys fishing and traveling, and is always up for exploring and trying new things.

    “I have lived in Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, Westport, and Cherry Hill since I was 17 years old. I love being able to care for people who live in the same communities I have always called home. I can relate to our patients and their stories, and I also enjoy telling them stories of my own. I understand them and I want to help them.”

Educational materials

  • Mobile Health Center service and locations
    (Ubicaciones y servicios de los Centros de Salud Móvil)

  • The importance of primary care
    (La importancia de la atención primaria)

  • Understanding and addressing mental health
    (Comprender y abordar la salud mental)

  • Keeping your blood pressure in check
    (Cómo mantener su presión arterial bajo control)

Frequently asked questions

  • What services are available on the Mobile Health Center?

    You can visit the Mobile Health Center for basic primary care services as well as urgent care, wellness exams, on-site testing, and health insurance assistance. The MedStar Health team can also connect you with other valuable community services and resources based on your needs.

  • Can I use the mobile health center if I have a health emergency?

    Our providers offer basic primary care services. If you have a serious health problem or an emergency and need care quickly, do not go to the mobile health center. Instead, dial 911 or go to your closest hospital emergency department.

    If you have a non-urgent medical problem that we cannot treat on the mobile health center, our team will make suggestions on where to go for the care you need.

  • Do I need to schedule an appointment?

    Walk-ins are accepted but appointments are encouraged so that we can do our best to keep wait times down for you and others coming to us for care. When possible, please schedule an appointment ahead of time for the date and location you wish to be seen.

    To schedule an appointment at any location, please call 410-350-7511. When you call, we will collect your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, insurance information (if appropriate), and some basic information about the reasons for your visit.

  • Is insurance accepted?

    Many insurance plans are accepted. We will ask for some information from your insurance card when you call to schedule an appointment, or when you arrive if you walk in. If you have insurance, please bring your insurance card with you when you visit us.

  • I don’t have health insurance. Does MedStar Health offer any financial assistance programs?

    We do have a financial assistance program, which offers free or reduced-cost care for some individuals and families who would like to be seen in the mobile health center.

    For further information and to learn if you qualify, please complete the MedStar Health Financial Assistance application. Click here to access it, or our staff will be able to help you complete the application once you arrive.

  • Why does MedStar Health offer this service?

    MedStar Health cares deeply about the people we serve. We know that many people who need medical care don’t get it because of transportation issues. The mobile health center was created to offer a solution.

  • What steps are being taken to keep patients and staff safe on the mobile health center during the pandemic?

    MedStar Health has been operating with a number of precautionary measures in place during the COVID pandemic, to assure care can be delivered in a way that is effective and safe for both patients and our staff. Please reference our COVID-19 FAQs for further information. For English, click here. For Espanol, click here.

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Patient testimonials

A care provider from the MedStar Health mobile healthcare team talks with a patient inside the mobile healthcare center truck.

“I have a lot of health issues – from diabetes and emphysema to chronic hip pain. I needed a go-to doctor I could see on an ongoing basis. So, I started going to the MedStar Health Mobile Health Center because it is in my neighborhood every week. The people at the Mobile Health Center really care about me. They help me stay on top of what I should be doing to take care of myself. They remind me about my appointments and have even helped me work through insurance issues. There is a spirit of caring here that you feel right away, and that you don’t always get when you see doctors in other places. I won’t go anywhere else.” 
– Paul Dickens, patient

A care provider from the MedStar Health mobile healthcare team provides care to a patient inside the mobile healthcare center truck.

“I love that I can walk up the street from where I live to get the medical care I need. It is so easy and convenient. The people who work at the MedStar Health Mobile Health Center are very nice; they treat me like family. I visit the Mobile Health Center for routine health checks because Dr. Gaspar is my primary care physician. But it is also a place I can turn when I am not feeling well. I like it so much that sometimes I pop over for no reason at all other than to just say hi to the team.”
- Mary McGinn, patient