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Merkel Cell Carcinoma Treatment

If you suffer from Merkle Cell Carcinoma, you need access to the most advanced and effective treatment. We offer the highest standard of care and the most experienced team available in our area.

Our team of fellowship-trained surgical oncologists have years of experience treating people with cancer. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we work with experts who specialize in a wide variety of fields. We base our treatment options on the latest research, and offer you access to cutting-edge cancer clinical trials.

We also have special expertise for seeing patients for a second opinion for Merkle Cell Carcinoma. Find a treatment specialist at MedStar Georgetown.

Merkel cell carcinoma diagnosis

  • Medical historyYou will talk about your medical history and whether you have ever had cancer or other serious illnesses
  • Physical examination:Your surgical oncologist will check to see if you have any unusual looking bumps
  • Skin biopsyWe will either review the results of a previous biopsy, or perform our own. In a biopsy, we remove cells from the suspicious area to examine them under a microscope for signs of cancer

Merkel cell carcinoma treatment

Depending on the extent and location of your cancer, your team of surgical oncologists will recommend any of the following treatment options:

  • Surgery–This can include removing the cancerous tissue itself, healthy tissue surrounding it, as well as any affected lymph nodes

  • Radiation–This procedure uses high energy rays to target and destroy cancer cells

  • Chemotherapy–This treatment delivers powerful medication either orally or through an IV to stop cancer cells from spreading

Merkel cell carcinoma follow-up care

Your team of surgical oncologists will closely monitor your recovery after treatment. We may recommend repeating the imaging and diagnostic tests performed previously. These tests help us determine how well the treatment is working and make sure the cancer is not spreading or returning.

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