Mohs Reconstruction | What to Expect & Recovery | MedStar Health

Mohs surgery is a method for treating skin cancer lesions. During this procedure, the dermatopathologist removes thin layers of skin one layer at a time and examines each layer under a microscope to determine if any cancer remains. This procedure continues until only cancer-free tissue remains.

Since its development, Mohs surgery has been refined into the most precise and advanced treatment for skin cancer, yielding success rates up to 99%. Mohs surgery is effective because it evaluates the tissue surrounding the cancer more thoroughly than traditional skin cancer surgery techniques. As a result, it is considered the gold standard treatment for high-risk skin cancers, such as those located on the head and neck or those with aggressive growth patterns.

After the cancer has been removed, reconstruction is necessary to repair the wound. In the MedStar Department of Plastic Surgery, the Mohs reconstruction is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with special expertise if plastic surgery of the face. Using advanced principles of plastic surgery, our surgeons strive to reconstruct the wounds left after the cancer removal with an imperceptible scar. Our plastic surgeons are trained in all types of repairs from local flaps, skin grafts, regional flaps so that the patient is offered the best option for their lifestyle and an optimal aesthetic result.

If you would like to have a board-certified plastic surgeon perform an aesthetic restoration of your face, you can arrange the reconstruction with your Mohs surgeon to be performed by the plastic surgeon the same day or the day after Mohs surgery by making an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons prior to your Mohs procedure.