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Have you experienced a decreased quality of life or self-image due to an injury, birth defect, disease, or cancer treatment? Reconstructive surgery may be able to help. The team at MedStar Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can repair the affected area, improve bodily function and may also help you attain a normal physical appearance.

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Breast Reconstruction

Restore the shape and size of your breasts with nationally recognized leaders in breast reconstruction.

face reconstruction

Head and Face Reconstruction

Address any cosmetic or functional concerns of the face due to an injury, disease, or defect with head and facial reconstructive surgery.

Smiling baby

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

When your child needs plastic surgery to correct a craniofacial injury or birth defect, our team of experts can treat the condition and create a natural appearance.

Hand reconstruction

Hand Reconstruction

If you experience pain or impaired function of your wrist and fingers, our hand surgeons can correct your trauma, disease, or defect.

Nerve damage specialist examining reports on laptop

Peripheral Nerve Damage Care

If you experience weakness, numbness, and pain as a result of nerve damage to areas such as your hands or feet, our peripheral nerve damage specialists can help.

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Why choose us

From the routine to the complex, MedStar Health offers a full range of reconstructive surgical services tailored for your unique needs. From your first consultation with us through your full recovery from surgery, our team puts your needs and safety first. Here, our focus is on treating you, and not just your condition.

So we can bring you the best and safest level of care possible, MedStar Health’s expert reconstructive surgery staff utilizes the latest surgical technology and continually pioneers new surgical techniques. Working in tandem with our professional nursing staff, our patient-centric and multidisciplinary approach to care leads to faster recovery and better results.

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Stephen Baker, MD, DDS, FACS is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and medical director of the Center for Facial Restoration at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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