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Our Running Injury Clinics combine highly skilled therapists with cutting-edge technology.

Evaluations in the clinic include:

  • Thorough history (history of previous injuries in runners have been shown to increase future injury risk by three times)

  • Discussion of runner’s individual goals (anything from beginners looking for an injury prevention program and guidance to run their first 5K, to elite athletes looking for a marathon personal record)

  • Posture, strength, and flexibility testing

  • Video motion analysis on the treadmill reviews mechanics and determines any abnormal findings to deficits found in posture, strength, and flexibility; this comprehensive analysis will look at the entire runner head to toe

  • An individualized exercise program to target any findings in the exam that may increase injury risk or compromise training/performance

  • Footwear recommendations

Training Recommendations

We generally leave specific details to coaches, but give outlines regarding:

  • Safely increasing mileage and intensity based on current injury.

  • Incorporating cross training and use of the AlterG® Anti-gravity treadmill. This allows for a decrease in impact forces (the #1 risk in running injuries) and gives our runners a safer and more gradual return to their desired training volume and intensity.

Physical therapists in the Running Injury Clinics have extensive training in video motion analysis and are runners themselves. Their combination of personal and professional experience, combined with technology previously available only to elite athletes, adds up to a high-caliber program to help you run healthy.

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