2012 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

2012 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

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MedStar Georgetown University Hospital 2012 Community Health Assessment (CHA)

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is proud to release its 2012 Community Health Assessment and its accompanying Implementation Strategy. The CHA is a community driven approach that supports the hospital in planning and implementing community based programming to more effectively address the health needs of underserved and vulnerable populations. The three-year Implementation Strategy identifies the hospital’s community benefit service area, the health priorities of focus, as well as planned activities with measurable outcomes.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and the Healthy Communities Institute are also proud to share community health data for Washington, D.C., Data are based on approximately 100 indicators, and include; but are not limited to: access to care, disease prevalence, public safety and environmental conditions, and social indicators. Local leaders and organizations can use these data to support community health planning and evaluation.

Other features include a dashboard methodology that allows for local comparisons to other counties as well as comparisons to Healthy People 2020. A disparities dashboard can be used to examine differences in health status based on race/ethnicity, age and gender. The site also contains a repository of nationally recognized evidence-based and promising practices that may be tailored and replicated in other communities. An indicator comparison report displays how Washington, D.C., compares to other counties within the MedStar region.

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