2022 MedStar Health Teaching & Research Scholars Program – Applications Open!

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The MedStar Health Teaching Scholars Program and the MedStar Health Research Scholars Program are entering their 13th and 8th year, respectively. These programs provide multi-faceted educational support and mentorship to our clinical faculty as they develop their academic and research career pathways. Many of our alumni have successfully demonstrated their accomplishments through publications, national presentations, grant funding and more. All of their scholarly activities are highly influential on their professional well-being while also bringing well-deserved recognition to them individually, to MedStar Health, and to their home departments and institution/hospital.

While we recognize the value of these programs, we also know the challenges of finding dedicated scholarly time in an environment that is often focused on clinical productivity. We are therefore very excited to share with you that we have secured funding for the programs to support 20% of scholars’ salaries to ensure they have the dedicated time to focus on their research/academic endeavors. This dedicated time will result in an actual amendment to their employment agreement.

The next cohort of scholars will begin in January 2022. Of note, for this transitional year, scholars enrolled in either program will need to commit for approximately 2.4 years (as opposed to the 2.0 years) as we make schedule adjustments and use the extra time to ensure success and sustainability. Applications for this new cohort are due October 29, 2021.

MedStar Health Teaching Scholars Program - Apply Here

MedStar Health Research Scholars Program - Apply Here