Celebrating the HeROs at MHRI
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At the recent MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) Fall Town Halls, four associates and one team were awarded an MHRI HeRO Award. Presented by Joan K. Bardsley, MBA, RN, CDE, FAADE and Karen J. Wade, these awards were to recognize associates who routinely demonstrate an exemplary commitment to the goals set forth by MedStar Health as a high-reliability organization. Nominations for the five categories of HeRO awards were opened to all MHRI associates. Congratulations to all our recipients and thank you all for your commitment to patient safety and being a part of a high-reliability organization.

HeRO Good Catch Award

Ron M. Migues: HeRO Good Catch Award
HeRO Good Catch Award: Ron M. Migues

Awarded to Ron M. Migues, this award highlights a great catch that not only helped prevent patient harm but resulted in a lasting change that will improve patient safety for all future patients. Ron is the Scientific Center Administrative Director for MHRI at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Ron was nominated for his commitment to HRO by verifying those who had access to our electronic medical records, thus ensuring that patient privacy was protected.

Nursing HeRO Award

Jean Flack, BSN, OCN, CCRC
Nursing HeRO Award: Jean Flack, BSN, OCN, CCRC

Jean Flack, BSN, OCN, CCRC, was awarded the Nursing HeRO Award, which recognizes an MHRI nurse whose invaluable efforts advance high reliability and ensure we deliver the highest levels of quality care and safety to our patients. Jean is the manager for oncology research at the Weinberg Cancer Institute at Franklin Square. She was nominated for her consistency in leading fellow associates in HRO principals and consistently reporting observations and safety catches.

Safety Coach HeRO Award

Rachel Campbell, RN
Safety Coach HeRO Award: Rachel Campbell, RN

Rachel Campbell, RN, was the recipient of the Safety Coach HeRO Award. Rachel is a Cardiology Research Nurse Coordinator at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. This award honors associates who take on and embrace the safety coach role. Rachel was nominated for her commitment to this important role by presenting specific safety catches when asked, ensuring that all members of a care team are aware of safety implications, and being willing to speak up.  

HeRO Non-clinical Award

Sarah Wright-Gaul was awarded the HeRO Non-Clinical Award. One of the most common misconceptions about high reliability is that it only involves clinicians. Sarah is the Senior Proposal Development Specialist in the Office of Research Development, Planning and Communications. High-reliability affects every MedStar associate in every role and entity across the system. Sarah was nominated for her commitment to validating and verifying information before submitting proposals on behalf of the Research Institute.

Team HeRO Good Catch Award

Team HeRO Good Catch Award was awarded to the Office of Research Development, Planning, and Communications
Team HeRO Good Catch Award: Office of Research Development, Planning, and Communications

The Team HeRO Good Catch Award was awarded to the Office of Research Development, Planning, and Communications. This award celebrates the efforts of associates who collaborate with one another to achieve better patient outcomes. Through collective mindfulness, the team achieves improved patient safety and care. The team, under the leadership of Katie Carlin, MBA, was nominated for its consistent use of STAR and the application of HRO principals. The team includes Michele Lee Clements, Allison Selman-Lovell, Eva Hochberger and Sarah Wright-Gaul. The team is committed to detail, validating and verifying, and speaking up for research.

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