Choose Your Benefits for 2019
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Annual Enrollment is underway and myHR is your one-stop for all the information you need to choose the right benefits plan for 2019. Before enrolling, take time to visit myHR to compare plans and explore all of the options available to you. Take time to review your enrollment packet and determine the right options for you and your family.

The 2020 Annual Enrollment period (Oct. 29-Nov. 18) is your opportunity to review and make changes to your benefits plan for the upcoming year. You must enroll online through myHR from StarPort (see HR Information section) or to make changes to your benefits coverage and enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). If you wish to keep your current benefits for 2020 (medical, dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability, additional coverage, legal resources, and other voluntary benefits), you do not need to enroll online. Your 2019 benefits elections and dependents will roll over to 2020, except for FSA.

Discover More MedStar Total Rewards

Your benefits options encompass much more than your healthcare coverage. With voluntary benefits, you can purchase more coverage to ensure you and your family are protected—no matter what life throws your way.

Voluntary benefits provide additional value to your MedStar Total Rewards package, giving you more choices to tailor your benefits plan to best fit your needs.

The voluntary benefits for 2020 Annual Enrollment include:

  • Universal Life Insurance: Provides permanent death benefits, including a long-term care rider
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Offers affordable, flexible coverage for a variety of serious illnesses
  • Accident Insurance: Assists you financially in the event of an injury
  • Legal Resources: Comprehensive coverage for a wide range of legal services for an affordable monthly rate, with no copays and yearly usage limitations
  • Pet Insurance: Medical coverage for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, provided by PetFirst; MedStar associates receive a 10% discount on all plans

Voluntary benefits coverage is available at discounted group rates, meaning you pay a lower monthly rate. Learn more and enroll online at myHR from StarPort (see HR Information section) or from any computer or mobile device.

Invest in Your Health with MedStar MyHealth

MedStar Associate Survey results continue to demonstrate associates value their benefits, specifically identifying healthcare coverage and wellness programs as important. MedStar prioritizes offering associates quality benefit programs, including MedStar MyHealth.

To support your health and wellness, you may take advantage of MyHealth programs, including:                           

  • MyHealth Questionnaire: Complete your 2020 MyHealth questionnaire by Nov. 30, 2019 and save approximately $360 next year on your MedStar Select or CareFirst medical premium. The questionnaire assesses your health information, such as blood pressure, weight and cholesterol, as well as lifestyle habits, to determine your overall health status and lifestyle risks. No one from MedStar will see your personalized results and they do not affect your health coverage.
  • MyHealth Care Advising: If you have a chronic health condition, a health advisor can help coordinate care and develop a plan to achieve your health goals.
  • MyHealth Maternity: Throughout your pregnancy, a personal health advisor is available to work with you.

MedStar is committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Get started today at No one from MedStar will see your personalized results and they do not affect your health coverage.

If have questions about your benefits or how to enroll, contact the HR Solution Center at 855.674.6947.

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