Conflict of Interest Questionnaire for MedStar Health Researchers Joins with Georgetown

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire for MedStar Health Researchers Joins with Georgetown

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As of July 1, 2020, a single COI platform is available to all Researchers employed by MedStar Health (to include those located at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (“MGUH”) or elsewhere on the Georgetown University campus). With the launch of a single COI platform for MedStar Health employed Researchers, the need for separate submissions through a MedStar Health platform and a Georgetown University platform will be eliminated. Both Georgetown University and MedStar Health have agreed to use the MedStar Health COI Platform for MedStar Health employed Researchers. The Questionnaire will be accessible to Researchers to submit disclosures throughout the entire fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).

The COI-Smart platform will meet both organizations’ research COI reporting requirements. This new process will eliminate the Georgetown University COI disclosure for those Researchers who formerly completed a MedStar Health COI questionnaire and a Georgetown University questionnaire. MedStar Health and Georgetown University COI reviewers will have access to the information reported, will review transactions and implement a consolidated research management plan.

At the onset of a new study routing through MedStar Health/MedStar Health Research Institute or Georgetown University, in accordance with current practices, Researchers must update their COI questionnaire or verify that it is up-to-date. You will access the COI system in the same manner that you have in the past. If you held a research role at MedStar in fiscal year 2020 (FY20), you may have already entered data into the COISmart system during the fiscal year. If you have completed the questionnaire as a researcher during FY20, a link to the conflict of interest disclosure should have been sent to you.

MedStar Health policies require that all individuals engaged in the conduct of research complete the annual conflict of interest disclosure. The annual research conflicts of interest disclosure process is designed to manage financial and nonfinancial research interests. 

MGUH Researchers may contact Mary Schmiedel at to establish a COI-Smart COI account. If you have any questions on the COI-Smart application, please contact Carol Mason at or 410-772-6607 or Lauren Brummell at or 410-772-6578.

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