Congratulations to the 2017 Summer Research Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2017 Summer Research Scholarship Recipients

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Each year, MedStar Health awards scholarships to approximately 30 first-year Georgetown University medical students in order to pursue research during the summer. For eight weeks, each summer scholar works under the direction of a MedStar Health physician-investigator to conduct research in a specific area, with the opportunity to have some clinical exposure. These scholars are housed at various locations throughout the MedStar system and their experience culminates with a capstone presentation in the fall.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipients.

Frank S. Pellegrini, M.D. Scholars
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Esther Chung Patient Safety MI2/MWHC Seth Krevat, MD/Kelly Smith, PhD
Ansha Janna Islam Quality Improvement MIQS Chris Goeschel, ScD, RN
Pines-Kleinman Mental & Behavioral Health Scholar
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Megan O'Brien Psychiatry MGUH Matthew Biel, MD
MedStar Health Primary Care Scholarships at MedStar Franklin Square (MFSMC)
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Tara Filsuf Family Medicine MFSMC Nancy Barr, MD
Rebecca Xi Family Medicine MFSMC Tobie Lynn Smith, MD
Sunita Mengers Pediatrics MFSMC Harsha Bhagtani, MD/Scott Krugman, MD
He Zhou Internal Medicine MFSMC Carrie Hempel, DO/Keri Jacobs, MD
MedStar Health Scholarships at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital (MUMH)
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Jack Pollack Asthma & Allergy MUMH Sudhir Sekhsaria, MD
Stephen Pineda Internal Medicine MUMH David Weisman, MD/Rosemarie Maraj,MD
Amber Famiglietti Internal Medicine MUMH Stephanie Detterline, MD/ Alex Yazaji, MD
Kelly Comolli Sports Medicine MUMH Justin Cooper, MS/Andy Lincoln, MD
Jeremy Marx Orthopaedic Surgery MUMH Jacob Wisbeck, MD
Kathleen Stahl Endocrinology MUMH Pamela Schroeder, MD
MedStar Health Scholarships in Washington, D.C.,
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Aisha Lott Palliative Care MWHC Hunter Groninger, MD
Alexandra Gustafson Vascular Surgery MWHC Steven Abramowitz, MD
Andrew Crocker Surgical Oncology MGUH Waddah Al-Refaie, MD
Jennifer Tang Pediatrics MGUH Kirsten Hawkins, MD/Hilary Wolf, MD
Christopher Folgueras ID, Hepatitis & HIV MGUH Dawn Fishbein, MD
Kristen Klemmer OB/Gyn, HIV & Pregnancy MWHC Rachel Scott, MD
Ayalivis De La Rosa General Surgery/Surgical Education MGUH Shimae Fitzgibbons, MD
Cassandra Cairns Emergency Medicine/Surgery MGUH/MWHC Munish Goyal,MD/Shimae Fitzgibbons,MD
Lydia Koroshetz Emergency Medicine MWHC Maryann Amirshahi, MD
Emilie Fortman Human Factors Engineering MI2 Raj Ratwani, PhD
Jenna Bekeny Cardiology MWHC Ana Barac, MD, PhD
MedStar Health Scholarships in Population Health
Recipient Research Area Location Mentor(s)
Elizabeth Wetterer Women’s and Infants’ Services MWHC Loral Patchen, PhD
Erica Meninno Neurology & Multiple Sclerosis GUMC Carlo Tornatore, MD
Saumik Rahman Family Medicine MGUH Jeffrey Weinfeld, MD
Leah Foley Diabetes MDI Michelle Magee, MD
Thomas Fredrick Family Choice MFC Patryce Toye, MD

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