Hospital Chapel Renewal

Hospital Chapel Renewal

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Renewal of Hospital Chapel to Provide Comfort for Patients and Visitors

By Ronni Cranwell

Over the past 69 years, the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital chapel has been an important place of worship, respite and healing for patients and families of all backgrounds and religious or spiritual denominations. It serves as a tranquil and sacred place where hospital visitors can find solace during some of their most difficult times.

“The chapel is meant to be a place of comfort to all people, not just those of any one particular religious faith or tradition,” says Deacon Thomas J. Devaney, director of mission and pastoral care at MedStar Georgetown. “We welcome anyone who is looking for a quiet place of reflection or prayer. Providing this kind of space on campus is important, but it needs updating.” The MedStar Georgetown chapel was built in 1947 along with the main hospital and has had very few upgrades.

In an effort to maintain this peaceful and meditative space, the Office of Philanthropy at MedStar Georgetown started the Chapel Renovation Fund to provide an uplifting and comfortable space for patients and visitors. Improvements will include refurbished pews and a new organ.

To date, the Chapel Renovation Fund has raised a third of its $100,000 goal, thanks to many supportive donors who understand the importance of the chapel to the hospital and the community. The funds will go toward updating the space with new furniture and a new audiovisual system to allow patients to watch services from their rooms.

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