Innovative Proton Therapy to Fight Cancer

Innovative Proton Therapy to Fight Cancer

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In the fight against cancer, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is your biggest champion.

MedStar Georgetown will soon offer proton therapy as part of our suite of comprehensive cancer treatments. The new proton therapy system is an innovative, highly precise form of radiation therapy. Proton therapy delivers more radiation dose to the tumor and spares normal tissue. 

The new addition will make MedStar Georgetown the first and only proton site in the D.C. metropolitan area— greatly enhancing the care and convenience of patients throughout the region.

Proton therapy is the next generation of radiation therapy, providing patients with a wide range of benefits:

  • Targets and destroys tumors with precision
  • Delivers less total radiation dose than other types of radiation therapy
  • Causes less damage to surrounding healthy tissues through improved accuracy
  • Results in virtually no exit beam exposure
  • Lowers the risk of radiationinduced secondary cancers
  • May result in fewer side effects and better quality of life following treatment
  • Can be customized to each patient’s unique needs 

young girl Equipped with the most advanced modalities all under one roof, MedStar Georgetown and its radiation experts have the tools, experience and compassion to tailor the most effective, personalized therapy for each patient.

MedStar Georgetown is pleased to offer our patients the most cutting-edge proton therapy technology available, making the best cancer care more accessible to more people.

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To learn more about proton therapy offered at MedStar Georgetown, visit or call 202-444-4639.

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