Mark Hathaway MD MPH

Mark Hathaway MD MPH

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Obstetrics and Gynecology
Started in 1993 as a Resident
Joined the Staff in 1997


Was it nerve wracking as a new nurse, tech, intern or resident? You bet. But those of us who worked with Lillian Morse, a retired surgical tech from Labor and Delivery, will always remember and be thankful for her mentoring ways.

Lillian was a fixture in Labor and Delivery and always looked out for other employees, especially the new ones, literally reaching out to help them. When I was a resident in the operating room just barely learning procedures and wondering what to ask for next, Lillian would put the instrument in my hand before I would even ask for it. She would say "Here, this is what you need next" without saying anything more.

A dedicated surgical tech, she taught many about the standard operating procedures they were just getting used to performing and made a lasting impact on a generation of employees. She would take new students, new nurses and new residents under her wing and make sure they learned how to scrub, gown and glove properly. She had a great personality, was positive, supportive and helpful.

Lillian was dedicated to the Obstetrics unit and arrived early before her shift every day and well before surgery started. She made sure the OR was well-stocked every morning, was a constant presence and made things run smoothly for everyone.

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