Mary Kass MD

Mary Kass MD

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Former Chair, Pathology
1968 - 2003


After earning my degree from the George Washington University School of Medicine, I stayed on for a surgical internship. But I had a young child at home, and by the time I completed my internship, she barely recognized me! So I decided I better look at another, more "family-friendly" specialty.

I then completed a residency at GW in pathology and had every intention of making a career there. Because MedStar Washington Hospital Center, only a decade old at this point, was known for having the best clinical pathology lab in the city, I asked to do a rotation there - just for a year - so that I could gain more experience.

Well, that was in 1968 and I never looked back. In fact, from my first day at the Hospital Center, I was hooked! I thought it was the most exciting place to be in all of medicine, and still do.

Years later, as I helped recruit physicians to my department, I always said, "What makes a great pathologist? It's a combination of what you get to see - the cases you work on - and the experience and caliber of who you're working with. At MedStar Washington Hospital Center, you'll get both. You will never be bored."

After 35 years on the job, I know I never was!

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