May Peer-Reviewed Publications from MedStar Health 2019

May Peer-Reviewed Publications From MedStar Health 2019

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Congratulations to all MedStar researchers who had articles published in May 2019. The selected articles and link to PubMed provided below represent the body of work completed by MedStar Health investigators, physicians, and associates and published in peer-reviewed journals last month. The list is compiled from PubMed for any author using “MedStar” in the author affiliation. Congratulations to this month’s authors. We look forward to seeing your future research.

View the full list of publications on here.

 Selected research:

  1. Safety of Thyroid Surgery in the Elderly: A Propensity Score Matched Cohort Study
    Journal of Surgical Research, 2019. DOI: 10.1016/j.jss.2019.04.012
    Papoian V, Marji FP, Rosen JE, Carroll NM, Felger EA.

  2. Cardiovascular Emergencies in Pregnancy
    Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America, 2019. DOI: 1016/j.emc.2019.01.010
    Borhart J, Palmer J.

  3. Reproducibility of Semi-automated Three-dimensional Volumetric Analysis using Cardiac Computed Tomography in Patients With Left Ventricular Assist Device
    Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine, 2019. DOI: 10.1016/j.carrev.2019.01.024
    Gill GS, Weissman G, Meirovich YF, Medvedofsky D, Mohammed SF, Waksman R, Garcia-Garcia HM.

  4. Left Bundle Branch Block After TAVR: Bubble or Trouble?
    JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions, 2019. DOI: 1016/j.jcin.2019.04.008
    Waksman R, Khan JM.

  5. Leveraging the electronic health record to eliminate hepatitis C: Screening in a large integrated healthcare system
    PLoS One, 2019. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0216459
    Geboy AG, Nichols WL, Fernandez SJ, Desale S, Basch P, Fishbein DA.

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