May Peer-Reviewed Publications from MedStar Health 2017

May Peer-Reviewed Publications From MedStar Health 2017

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Congratulations to all MedStar researchers who were published in May 2017. The selected articles and link to PubMed provided below represent the body of work completed by MedStar Health investigators, physicians, and associates and published in peer-reviewed journals last month. The list is compiled from PubMed for any author using “MedStar” in the author affiliation. Congratulations to this month’s authors. We look forward to seeing your future research.

View the full list of publications on here.

 Selected research:

  1. DA-EPOCH-R for Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders (PTLD).
    European Journal of Haematology, DOI: 10.1111/ejh.12904
    DeStefano CB, Malkovska V, Rafei H, Shenoy A, Fitzpatrick K, Aggarwal A, Catlett JP.
  2. Are You Paying Attention? Related Guidance on How Concepts of Attention May Inform Effective Time Sharing of Tasks in Emergency Medicine
    Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2017. DOI:1016/j.annemergmed.2017.01.027
    Benda NC, Fairbanks RJ
  3. Comparison of Propensity Score-Matched Analysis of Acute Kidney Injury After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention With Transradial Versus Transfemoral Approaches.
    American Journal of Cardiology, 2017. DOI: 1016/j.amjcard.2017.02.032
    Steinvil A, Garcia-Garcia HM, Rogers T, Koifman E, Buchanan K, Alraies MC, Torguson R, Pichard AD, Satler LF, Ben-Dor I, Waksman R
  4. Intraoperative Adverse Events in Abdominal Surgery: What Happens in the Operating Room Does Not Stay in the Operating Room
    Annals of Surgery, DOI: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000001906
    Bohnen JD, Mavros MN, Ramly EP, Chang Y, Yeh DD, Lee J, de Moya M, King DR, Fagenholz PJ, Butler K, Velmahos GC, Kaafarani HMA
  5. Efficacy and safety of once-weekly semaglutide versus once-daily insulin glargine as add-on to metformin (with or without sulfonylureas) in insulin-naive patients with type 2 diabetes (SUSTAIN 4): a randomised, open-label, parallel-group, multicentre, multinational, phase 3a trial
    The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 2017. DOI:10.1016/S2213-8587(17)30085-2
    Aroda VR, Bain SC, Cariou B, Piletič M, Rose L, Axelsen M, Rowe E, DeVries JH

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