Meet “MedStar Healthy” Making Healthy Eating—and Living—Easier

Meet “MedStar Healthy” Making Healthy Eating—and Living—Easier

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In fall 2016, MedStar Health took a significant step toward supporting healthy eating for our patients and associates with the launch of WellRooted, a unique food delivery and nutrition education service (see my blog post on the topic here). WellRooted grew out of the innovative Health for America at MedStar Health fellowship in partnership with MedStar Diabetes Institute (MDI) and has continued to grow and evolve. Now, MedStar is strengthening its connection to healthy food in exciting new ways.

 Today, we refine and transform WellRooted to launch a new program: MedStar Healthy. Among other offerings, MedStar Healthy will become a “nutritional filter” on the new website of our ready-to-eat meal partner, Territory (formerly known as Power Supply). This filter will help our patients and associates identify the healthy options we recommend much more seamlessly while ordering meals through the Territory website.

What is a MedStar Healthy Meal?

 Our criteria are similar to those created for WellRooted, under the guidance of MDI and inspired by American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association guidelines:

  • 350 - 600 calories
  • 30 - 60 g carbohydrates
  • Less than 750 mg sodium
  • Maximum of 7 g saturated fat

However, we are not limiting ourselves to “diabetes-friendly” language in this next chapter because we believe these healthy meals should be enjoyed by a wide range of people, including those with diabetes and prediabetes.

What Else is MedStar Healthy? represents our ever-increasing commitment to the general health and wellness of those we serve. It provides a direct link to order the Territory MedStar Healthy ready-to-eat meals with an exclusive 5% discount for our patients and associates. You’ll also find easy recipes for healthy cook-at-home meals that meet the same criteria and links to free MedStar wellness classes.

More to Come!

Today, we join Territory in initially announcing this exciting news. Learn more via Territory’s press release.

In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce MedStar Healthy more directly to our patients, associates, and community. Stay tuned to MedStar Health and Health for America social media channels for more information.

Editor's Note (December 2018): Although Territory has since changed its menu filters and no longer specifically points to MedStar Healthy meals, the MedStar Healthy program still lives on at and includes a special discount to order Territory meals, in addition to MedStar-recommended recipes and wellness classes. Territory continues to clearly label the nutrition facts of its meals, making it possible for patients to watch for MedStar Healthy criteria or other nutritional recommendations discussed with their doctor.

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