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Delivering a baby is one of life's most memorable moments. But childbirth can also be painful. Many women struggle to balance their desire for a natural experience—free of narcotics and epidurals—with another desire: to be comfortable.

We now offer a way to achieve that balance. Under our watchful eye, women can choose to use nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) during labor. The blend is a lower concentration from the form used during dental care, and is designed so women maintain consciousness. Breathing the gas just before and during a contraction helps to "take the edge off" the pain, giving women more control and providing a safe, non-invasive alternative for those desiring a low-intervention birth experience.

The Midwives of MedStar Washington Hospital Center are dedicated to the delivery of exceptional care to women and their families across the Washington, D.C., region. They are committed to achieving optimal health outcomes by offering safe, evidence-based, family-centered and individually responsive care.

Interested in learning more about the Midwifery services? Join us for our monthly "Meet and Greet" the second Thursday of every month at 6 p.m.:

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Loral Patchen, MA, MSN, CNM Director, Midwifery


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