A New Look for Your Mid-Year Check-In

A New Look for Your Mid-Year Check-In

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January 1 opens the mid-year check-in period and Talent Manager has been updated to a new version. The update for Talent Manager includes options for customization and accessibility.

Talent Manager now allows you to customize your homepage tiles, with links to resources that you can chose. Additionally, there is a search feature on the top of each page that allows you to quickly access information. Your username and password remain the same, but you will be required to answer security questions when you first log onto the system.

During the Mid-Year check-in period, managers will be holding meetings with associates to review goals, progress and expectations. Beginning on January 1, associates will be able to complete their mid-year review.

The goal of the mid-year check in is for managers and associates to have dialogue about what is going well and opportunities for growth and learning. In preparation for this meeting, be sure to be familiar and ready to discuss performance goals set for FY17 and how you can achieve them together, as well as any thoughts or ideas you may have regarding your own professional growth.

The mid-year form in Talent Manager will be accessible for associates to complete a self-evaluation until January 16. After this date, the form is automatically routed to the manager. If you have any changes or additions to your self-evaluation after it has been sent to your manager, you are now able to make additional comments without it being routed back to you. This new feature allows for Talent Manager to foster the collaborative environment that we have at MHRI.

For more information on the new features in Talent Manager, please consider viewing the courses listed below on SiTELMS.

  1. Using Talent Manager if You’re a Leader
  2. Using Talent Manager if You’re an Associate

If you have any questions regarding the mid-year check-in process or new Talent Manager, please contact MHRI-HR@medstar.net.


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