New Mandatory Course Drug Diversion Prevention Awareness

New Mandatory Course Drug Diversion Prevention Awareness

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The safety of our patients and associates is the most important thing we do. Drug diversion is the theft, misuse, or tampering of a controlled substance. It is a real risk for everyone in health care. As a High Reliability Organization (HRO), MedStar is committed to preventing, detecting and responding to drug diversion.

Education and training for all associates are the foundation of our system-wide Drug Diversion Prevention program, and all MedStar associates have been enrolled in a required online course with SiTEL. This course provides information about drug diversion, warning signs, and what to do if you have a diversion concern. 

This course is now live. It must be completed before December 14th, 2018. Please reach out to your supervisor with any questions about this course or MedStar’s Drug Diversion Prevention program. To access the course, please sign in to and click on Drug Diversion Prevention Awareness.


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