New Policies Procedures for MedStar Health

New Policies Procedures for MedStar Health

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MedStar Health Research Institute regularly updates, revises and creates new policies for the operational efficiency of MHRI. This month, the following policies were established or updated.

MedStar Health Introduces New Personal Use of Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace Policy
HR 306 – Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace

You can find all Human Resources policies on the myHR portal, under Tools & Resources > HR Policies.

New MHRI Policies
IAC.O-004: Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns
ORG.O-003: Individual Conflicts of Interests/Conflicts of Commitments in Research

New MHRI Procedures
IAC.O.004.01: Investigating and Reviewing Animal Welfare Concerns
IAC.O-003.01: Post-Approval Monitoring Procedure
ORG.O-003.01: Research Conflict of Interest Committee
ORG.O-003.02: Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure
ORG.O-003.03: Research Conflict of Interest Non Compliance

All MHRI policies and procedures can be found on MHRI’s StarPort Policies Portal.

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