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Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), particularly those who specialize in Orthopedics, found themselves in unfamiliar territory during the height of the pandemic this past spring.

As elective surgeries were postponed, leadership knew they needed a swift and dynamic response to utilize the talents of the APPs who had declining patient volumes.

At the same time, APPs who serve the hospital’s inpatient population were seeing increasing volume and sicker patients. So the Orthopedic APPs did what they do best; they rose to the occasion and showed their resiliency by accepting deployments to treat new patient populations.

The word unprecedented has been used to describe this virus and its impact, not just on healthcare, but on the world. The great work that is done by APPs is on display daily; on inpatient units and in outpatient offices. But the resiliency, the professionalism, and the commitment that our APPs displayed during our COVID-19 response was unprecedented.

Special thanks to Jamie Chung, NP, Emily Fischer, NP, Yavonne Johnson, PA-C, Megan Skelton, PA-C and Virginia Tran, PA-C for their flexibility and determination, and to all of the inpatient APPs and medical colleagues who worked alongside them.

The Orthopedic Surgery APPs include (seated) Megan Skelton, PA-C; Yavonne Johnson, PA-C; (standing) Maria Leber, PA-C; Virginia Tran, PA-C; Jamie Chung, NP; and Emily Fischer, NP. This photo was taken prior to the workplace requirement for proper PPE and physical distancing.

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