Responding to Government Audits and Investigations

Responding to Government Audits and Investigations

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Did you know that MHRI has a policy that governs how you should respond if you are notified by a government agency that your research will be audited or inspected? The organizational policy, titled “Responding to Government Inquiries” can be found on StarPort here. There is also a corresponding procedure which can be found on StarPort here.

The research overseen by MHRI is subject to many different federal and state laws, regulation and guidance. MHRI will assist researchers to respond appropriately to all inquiries from government agencies for audits and inspections of research activities.

If you are contacted by a government agency to notify you of an audit or inspection, you must contact appropriate individuals of the audit or inspection. At a minimum, this includes your Scientific Center Administrator and the Research Compliance Director.

MHRI has the expertise to help guide you through an audit or inspection and respond to the audit or inspection appropriately. Please contact the Research Compliance Program at

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