Successful Delivery of Baby to COVID-19 Positive Mother A Case Report from MedStar Health

Successful Delivery of Baby to COVID-19 Positive Mother A Case Report From MedStar Health

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Researchers from MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital successfully delivered a healthy baby to a mom and dad who both tested positive for COVID-19. The case report, “An Uncomplicated Delivery in a Patient with COVID-19 in the United States” was published in the April 1 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine.

This case describes uncomplicated labor and delivery in a 34-year old woman, at 39 weeks of gestation who was tested positive for COVID-19.  When presenting to the hospital, the mother had experienced a 3-day history of fever, chills, dry cough, and myalgia. She also reported decreased fetal movements over the previous day. The patient had not recently traveled, and her husband shared similar symptoms.

The appropriate measures for care were initiated and she was transferred to the emergency department after no obstetrical intervention was determined to be needed.  The patient’s history and findings on the chest radiography were consistent with COVID-19.  On day two of her hospitalization, the patient began to experience irregular contractions and oxytocin was provided to initiate labor. Prior to delivery, neonatal intensive care physicians consulted with the patient to review hospital protocol for mother and baby separation in setting of COVID-19.  During her labor, the patient’s test results confirmed a positive result for COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of hospital staff included gown, gloves, bouffant disposable surgical cap, knee high shoe covers, eye protection, and N95 mask. The patient always wore a facemask and was able to have a vaginal delivery without complications.

The infant’s first COVID-19 test was performed at 24 hours of age, with a negative result and the second test at 48 hours is currently pending. The mother showed no subsequent fevers or increased symptoms and the infant was allowed home with parents after clearance given by the infectious disease service. The husband relocated to a hotel nearby to complete his quarantine period.

The pediatric team followed up with the family and confirmed the baby is doing well and remains asymptomatic. The patient has a mild dry cough without fever or shortness of breath. The father of the infant is also doing well.  7 days after delivery, no caregivers appeared to be infected.

The team included Sara N. Iqbal, M.D.; Rachael Overcash, M.D.; Neggin Mokhtari, M.D.; Haleema Saeed, M.D.; Stacey Gold, M.D.; Tamika Auguste, M.D.; Muhammad-Usman Mirza, M.D.; Maria-Elena Ruiz, M.D.; Masashi Waga, M.S.; Glenn Wortmann, M.D.; and Joeffrey J. Chahine, M.S.

Congratulations to the team on the successful patient outcome, successful provider precautions, and on publication of this case report.

The New England Journal of Medicine, DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc2007605

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