Year in Review Our Top 5 Health Tips of 2019

Year in Review Our Top 5 Health Tips of 2019

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Along with the holiday festivities, December brings an opportunity to reflect on the past year, and it’s been a busy one here at MedStar Health!!

Over the past 12 months, we’ve covered a wide range of topics with one goal in mind—helping you stay healthy. From wellness tips, diet reviews, and nutritional advice to injury prevention strategies and screening recommendations, we published 33 healthcare articles this year and more than 9,000 of you read them!

In case you missed a few, we combed through our most popular posts to bring you our top five health tips of 2019. If you’re setting some healthy New Year’s resolutions, you may want to consider adding one of these to your list.

From all of us at the blog, we wish you health and happiness as you ring in the New Year!
Are you setting healthy New Year’s #resolutions? From making better food choices at work to knowing when to use MedStar eVisit, check out our top 5 #healthtips of 2019 in @MedStarHealth’s #LiveWellHealthy blog.

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1. 4 ways to make better food choices at work

Eating healthy at work can feel like just another dreaded item you’ll never check off your to-do list. But making better food choices can actually help you boost productivity and increase focus and energy—and it only takes a few simple tweaks to your routine. Licensed Dietician Jessica DeCostole describes four ways you can easily incorporate nutritious habits into your workday so you can look and feel your best without adding stress to your busy schedule.

Read four tricks to keep a healthy diet at work.

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2. Debunking colonoscopy: 3 common myths and what to really expect

A colonoscopy is important for detecting colon cancer early, but many people delay the procedure out of fear of what to expect. And when that happens, cancerous tissue may not be spotted until it’s too late for treatment to be effective. In this June 2019 blog article, Dr. Michael Blume and Physician Assistant Jennifer Hamilton explain what really happens before, during, and after a colonoscopy so you can confidently seek regular screening if you’re at risk.

Learn the truth about colonoscopy.

Doctor explaining colonoscopy to her male patient

3. Fast facts about hand, foot, and mouth disease

If you’re a parent, you may have heard of hand, foot, and mouth disease. This contagious virus isn’t as well-known as the common cold, but it affects thousands of children every year. In this January 2019 blog post, we offer tips for reducing your child’s risk of developing the infection and how to quickly manage it if those blisters and rashes pop up on the mouth, hands, and skin. And as a bonus at the end of the post, you can watch Dr. Lee Fireman share how to avoid a doctor’s visit in a video.

Find out more.

toddler with hand foot and mouth disease

4. 6 times to use a MedStar eVisit and when urgent care might be better

MedStar eVisit makes it convenient to get the care you need at home, work, or while traveling via video chat with a doctor. But when an unexpected medical issue arises, it can be hard to tell if you should use an evisit or seek care from a nearby urgent care center or emergency room. In this blog post from fall 2019, Physician Assistant Megan Walling shares common conditions that can be treated virtually as well as signs you should visit an urgent care center.

Understand when to use eVisit or urgent care.

sick woman using her tablet to talk to a medical professional

5. 7 common STDs and when to test for them

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise and having multiple partners increases your risk of infection. What’s more, STDs often have no symptoms and they can develop into serious health problems when left untreated. In this February 2019 post, Dr. Jasmeet Bhogal identifies the types of STDs we see the most and why timely treatment is important. If you’re sexually active, our prevention strategies and screening suggestions can help you protect yourself from life-threatening infections.

Get our top tips on STD prevention and safety.

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As you set healthy (and achievable) New Year’s resolutions, which of our top five health tips of 2019 are you adding to your list? We’d love to hear about your health goals for the upcoming year!

Which of our top five health tips will you be adding to your list for 2020? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook by tagging us @MedStarHealth and using the hashtag #LiveWellHealthy.

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