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What is CANDOR?

CANDOR (Communication and Optimal Resolution) is a foundational element of the comprehensive patient safety program at MedStar Health. CANDOR, along with a commitment to fostering a learning culture, the principles of high reliability organizations, and a systems approach to identifying, examining, and resolving weaknesses in our system, are hallmarks of the MedStar Health safety program. CANDOR itself is a paradigm shift from “delay, deny, and defend” to early communication with patients and families, leading to timely resolution and systems improvements where appropriate.

Why develop CANDOR?

Unexpected patient harm is far too common, and the response typically fails to meet the patient’s and family’s needs, or promotes learning that could prevent future harm. Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs), like CANDOR, are a principled approach for responding to patient harm. They are an integral component of an effective, empathic patient safety and quality improvement program, implemented for the benefit of patients, care professionals, and our healthcare communities.

Why consider CANDOR?

Our team has a demonstrated legacy of results, including:

Patient safety

  • 12% increase in event reporting

  • 27-fold increase in event reviews

  • 74% reduction of serious safety events

Medical liability

  • 55% decrease in total medical liability costs

  • 42% decrease in claims

  • 47% decrease in lawsuits

What's gained with CANDOR?

AHRQ states that key learnings in the CANDOR toolkit include process redesign guidelines to:

  • Engage patients and families in disclosure communication following ADVERSE EVENTS

  • Partner with patients and families on safety solutions

  • Maintain trust with patients and families after harm events

  • Implement a care for the caregiver program for providers involved in adverse events

  • Analyze an unexpected outcome to learn from it and prevent future adverse events

  • Establish a resolution process for the organization

  • Enhance joy and meaning for care team members

  • Provide safer care to everyone

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