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Our goal is to relieve your back pain and restore your ability to enjoy your favorite activities. One of the best ways to ensure you get an accurate and complete diagnosis is to describe your pain accurately and in detail—where it is, when it starts, and what helps to relieve it. This way, our back and spine doctors can understand what you are dealing with. Consider the following questions when thinking about describing your pain to your MedStar back and spine specialist:

  • Associated Pain: Where Is Your Pain? —In the back, disc pain presents in the hips and legs.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When does the back pain happen?
  • How long does it last? Does the pain come and go? Or is it there all the time?
  • Is this pain new? Have you ever had this pain before?
  • Does it hurt in more than one place?
  • Does it feel like it’s on the inside or on the outside of your body?
  • Does the pain keep you from doing certain things?
  • Does pain interrupt your sleep? Does it change your mood? Affect your appetite?
  • What makes the pain better? What makes it worse? What have you tried to relieve the pain?

Lacrosse player returns to field after back stress fracture

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