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This is a condition where there has been damage to the femoral nerve, causing pain, weakness, stiffness, tingling, burning, loss of feeling or loss of mobility anywhere from the lower abdomen to the calf. One of the most common symptoms includes a sensation that the knees are buckling when descending stairs. This type of neuropathy is caused by trauma, prolonged compression, or stretching of the femoral nerve most commonly attributed to other related injuries, other conditions (like cancer or diabetes), and femoral artery catheterization.

The majority of cases can be treated conservatively with healthy lifestyle changes that promote weight loss, physical therapy, bracing, exercises, and pain relievers. If the femoral neuropathy is being caused by another condition, doctors will aim to treat that condition first to relieve the resulting nerve compression. If the pain persists, surgery to relieve pressure on the femoral nerve may be necessary.

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