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Pain in the spine and lower extremities can result from a single injury or from the cumulative effects of abnormal foot function over time. Custom foot orthoses, also referred to as orthotics, are used to help support the foot and improve alignment in the lower extremities during standing and walking. In combination with exercises and patient education, orthotics can help improve the position and function of the lower extremities, thereby reducing pain.

We offer comprehensive foot orthotics evaluation and casting services to persons with acute or chronic: 

  • Foot, ankle, or knee pain 
  • Hip or back pain 
  • Spinal problems 
  • Pain after an injury or surgery 
  • Foot orthotics evaluation and casting services are provided by trained, experienced physical therapists. These services include: 
    • Full biomechanical assessment of the lower body from the foot to the spine 
    • Comprehensive evaluation of the person’s standing, walking, and running body mechanics 
    • Foot casting making a mold of the foot to manufacture a custom foot orthosis (insole for the shoe) 
    • Provision of custom-made orthoses to improve body symmetry, alignment, and balance 
    • Patient education and training 

A prescription from a physician is generally required for foot orthotics evaluation and casting services.

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