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The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back to the feet, controlling motion and sensation down the back and sides of the legs. When this nerve is damaged or injured, the affected part of the nerve is called a lesion of the sciatic nerve, or sciatic nerve injury.

Patients with a lesion of the sciatic nerve may experience decreased reflex reaction, loss of feeling, loss of mobility (including difficulty bending the knee or foot), pain (specifically down the back of the leg or foot), and weakness. It is common that these symptoms also affect the patient’s gait.

Injuries of the sciatic nerve can occur for a variety of reasons, including prolonged pressure, trauma, scarring, or other damage. They may be seen in cases of pelvis or femur fractures, gunshot wounds, poorly performed injections, tumors, complications from hip surgery, and specific positions during surgery.

Depending on the severity of the lesion and symptoms, the pain management specialist may first recommend pain management medication and physical therapy. Patients with more serious symptoms will likely require surgery to repair the nerve.

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