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World-class expertise in the the most current options for treating neurologic and neurosurgical conditions

The MedStar Health neurosciences team includes a dynamic and diverse group of neurology and neurosurgery specialists in one network serving the Baltimore-Washington corridor. Our physicians have extensive expertise and experience in managing a variety of neurologic disorders, ranging from the common to the most complex.

Our MedStar Health neuroscience programs are an integration of neurological and neurosurgical services, permitting us to offer innovative options that are customized to each patient. 

We deliver exceptional patient-centered care throughout our region by bringing together neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-radiologists, pathologists, and neuro-critical care specialists from across MedStar Health. We collaborate with a host of other disciplines while combining medical  expertise with the most advanced medical technology available in all specialized fields. Our goal is to deliver the best outcomes to our patients.  

Exceptional spine care

MedStar Health’s spine experts, operating at several locations, offer comprehensive care of diseases and disorders of the spinal column, through the collaboration of specialists in neurology, pain management, rehabilitation, and surgery.  

Our multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients confirms diagnoses and tailors the most effective treatment options for every patient. 

Our neurosurgeons are experienced with all forms of spinal disease and deformity, both congenital and acquired. They are trained in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), employ robotic-assistance where appropriate, and utilize image-guided navigational tools to ensure precise identification of spinal structures during each operation. Our specialists are constantly seeking out new approaches to management that will result in effective, life-enhancing outcomes.

Life-altering stroke expertise

Vascular neurosciences, a fast-growing area in innovation and treatment, provides state-of-the-art neurovascular care through revolutionary neuroendovascular (catheter-based) procedures used to open blocked blood vessels and attenuate bleeding in the brain. Our stroke program is comprised of specialists in vascular neurology, cerebrovascular surgeons, and neuroendovascular radiologists working synchronously in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute stroke and other conditions that include cerebral aneurysm, arterial-venous malformation, and intracerebral hemorrhage.  

MedStar Health’s telestroke program, staffed by fellowship-trained vascular neurologists, provides 24/7 consultation for patients presenting to our emergency departments with acute stroke, accelerating diagnosis and intervention for this fragile, at-risk group. 

Our surgeons employ the most advanced techniques and device technology available, allowing our team to safely perform the most complex procedures both in the interventional suite and the operating room.

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Leading research and management in movement disorders

Among its many other programs, MedStar Health offers a center fully dedicated to epilepsy management, as well as comprehensive programs for the medical and surgical management of other conditions, including Parkinson’s disease.   

MedStar Health neurologists are leaders in research in these specialized areas and innovators in the most current treatment options, including deep brain stimulation (DBS), a surgical procedure that can be employed to successfully mitigate seizure and other disorders of spasticity and uncoordinated movement.  

Fellowship-trained subspecialist physicians, advanced monitoring techniques in EEG and EMG, and break-through surgical treatments are coordinated across the system so that patients can expect the same level of care, regardless of point of entry.

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Partnerships with the National Institutes of Health

MedStar Health has long-standing relationships with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), including collaborative education and training programs for physicians and coordinated clinical research. These partnerships are mutually productive and offer tremendous opportunity for patients to benefit from the broad and deep scope of this combined expertise.

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Meet our neurologists

Our neurology specialists provide the most current treatment options available for brain and spine disorders.

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Meet our neurosurgeons

Our neurosurgery specialists provide the most current treatment options available for brain and spine disorders.

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  • MedStar Health neurologists and neurosurgeons participate actively in robust clinical research aimed at advancing knowledge in the field of brain and spine disease, ultimately toward improving quality of life and patient survival. Both neurology and neurosurgery departments offer access to these ongoing clinical trials–institutional, multi-center, and collaborative-with the NIH at sites across the MedStar Health system. Patients interested in exploring the opportunity for participation can find more information directly from these departments and their staffs.

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