Orthopedic Cancer Treatment and Services | MedStar Health

When you visit MedStar Health you’re not just seeing an orthopedic oncologist. You’re seeing a team that is among the best in the country. Our surgeons have the training and expertise to ensure that the entirety of the cancerous area has been removed while saving your healthy tendons, nerves, and blood vessels to preserve as much of your appearance and function as we can. 

We offer the latest treatment options, including limb-sparing sarcoma surgery reconstruction and complex sarcoma revisions. MedStar Health offers the following treatment options for orthopedic oncology:

  • Limb-sparing surgical resection of soft tissue and bone sarcomas
  • Customized endo-prosthetic reconstruction for major skeletal defects, including 3D printed implants and expandable implants
  • Cryosurgery and minimally invasive tumor ablations
  • Computerized navigation for complex pelvic and shoulder resections


At MedStar Health, our experienced doctors and oncology surgeons provide treatment options for sarcomas, bone cancers, and benign tumors found in the musculoskeletal system. We’re prepared to diagnose and treat any kind of cancer, no matter where it is located on the body. Additionally, we often see patients with non-malignant diseases that other medical centers are unable to diagnose, no matter how complex. Some of the many common conditions we evaluate and treat include: